DappRadar Collaborates with Xternity to Help Game Developers into Web3

DappRadar Collaborates with Xternity to Help Game Developers into Web3

A special giveaway for dapp developers, so they can worry more about quality games instead of their Web3 tech stack

DappRadar is excited to announce a collaboration with Xternity, helping developers to enhance their games with a Web3 tech stack. The Xcelerate Freemium Program allows game developers to integrate dynamic NFTs, create wallets and seamlessly create NFTs within gaming worlds. 

What is Xternity?

Xternity helps game developers to integrate Web3 capabilities, simplifying the entire process. This ensures those developers can focus on more important things, such as creating an awesome game experience. 

Leveraging blockchain technology, game developers can offer players unique, in-game assets, rewards and incentives. Because these items will exist on a blockchain, players can verify the scarcity, while owning the actual assets for usage within the ecosystem. 

Win one of the Xternity Freemium Plan packages

Together with Xternity, DappRadar will give away 10 The Freemium Plan packages for dapp developers. This package will provide developers with, for example:

  • NFT minting factory to allow minting and airdropping items
  • Dynamic NFTs that can change according to in-game progress
  • The creation of customizable wallets for users
  • Various players onboarding features to streamline to process of hiding Web3 into the background
  • No-code console, multi-chain API, Web3 CRM, a personalized dashboard and more

This campaign runs from 20 June until 4 July.

How does Xternity work?

Learn how Xternity works with the Console Tutorial series. 

Want to learn more about Xternity?

Game developers love to make games, but getting an entire blockchain division onboard could hamper development. Using Xternity as part of the development tech stack can help game developers to implement Web3 capabilities swiftly and easily, at a fraction of the costs. 

Developers looking to learn more about Xternity, please check out these links: 

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