XCOPY Sold $23 Million Through Nifty Gateway in 10 Minutes

XCOPY is one of the leading NFT artists in crypto art

NFT artist XCOPY just sold $23 million NFTs through Nifty Gateway in 10 minutes. Entirely anonymous, XCOPY is one of the most renowned NFT artists in the world of crypto art.

The London-based crypto artist partnered with NFT marketplace Nifty Gateway to launch the MAX PAIN AND FRENS NFT collection on Thursday. The piece under the spotlight is called MAX PAIN. With 7394 editions issued at $3,100 each, the total amount raised from the drop reached around $23 million. Collectors closed the deal within 10 minutes.

XCOPY Nifty Gateway

XCOPY, the Basquiat of crypto art?

XCOPY is one of the earliest artists to experiment with crypto art. The NFT art pioneer reveals very little personal information to the public, but the artist’s works rank among the top-selling list. The death- or dystopia-themed visual style of XCOPY reminds the audience of the artworks by the legendary American artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. Colorful, chaotic, and breathtaking.

One of XCOPY’s most iconic pieces is Right-click and Save As guy. It mocks those who constantly refer to crypto art as something valueless that can be right-clicked and saved for free. The celebrity NFT collector Snoop Dogg bought this 1/1 edition art piece from SuperRare at 1600 ETH, which was about $7.0 million. It’s not the first time that Snoop Dogg has patronized artworks by XCOPYART. In September last year, Snoop Dogg bought an NFT from the same artist for 1300 ETH, about $4 million.

Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile, the founder of rfc.art, is another famous patron of XCOPY. In April 2021, Pablo purchased Rabbles: #3 / #4 / #16 (Bundle) by XCOPY from Sotheby’s metaverse. So far, XCOPY’s crypto art career has generated around 6700 ETH in trading volume, and 564 wallets have collected his NFT arts.

Top 1/1 Sales by XCOPY

  1. All Time High in the City – $5,175,103.30 (1,630 ETH) – Buyer’s Wallet
  2. Right-click and Save As guy – $5,079,856.00 (1600 ETH) – Buyer’s Wallet
  3. A Coin for the Ferryman – $4,222,630.30 (1,330 ETH) – Buyer’s Wallet
  4. Some Asshole – $4,127,383,00 (1300 ETH) – Buyer’s Wallet
  5. Death Dip – $3,174,910,00 (1000 ETH) – Buyer’s Wallet
  6. Some Other Asshole – $ 1,746,200.50 (550 ETH) – Buyer’s Wall

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