Multichain Gaming Token WUFFI Expands to Solana via Airdrop

WUFFI Solana BONK holders token airdrop Solana
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Gaming incentivization program expands from WAX to Solana and airdrops 10% of their supply to BONK holders

The next generation memecoin WUFFI is expanding to the Solana ecosystem with an airdrop, in an effort to broaden its incentivization activities for third-party developers. WUFFI originally launched on WAX, and will now deploy 10% of its WUF supply to BONK holders. 

Memecoins have captured the attention of the crypto community once again. Something that once upon a time started with Dogecoin, has now become a multi billion dollar industry. WUFFI has made quite an impact on the WAX blockchain ecosystem, and will now expand its influence to Solana. 

WUFFI serves as an incentivization token for third-party game developers to create an all-encompassing groundwork for gaming and future game development. The project partnered with over 80 partners, including marketplaces like NFTHive and AtomicHub. They also have the ambition to expand to more chains in the coming months, and the WUF token is already usable in a variety of games including Landbox, Music Mogul, and Brawlers

WUFFI airdrop snapshot coming 28 March 

WUFFI will take a snapshot of the BONK token holders on the Solana network on 28 March at 4PM PT. Those who have BONK in their own wallet, can expect to receive a share of the WUFFI airdrop. The token allocation strategy for the expansion towards Solana allocates 10% of the total WUF supply to BONK holders. 

You need to hold at least 25 million BONK tokens and stake them via Bonk Rewards to be eligible for the airdrop. At the time of writing 25 million BONK has a value of $1,000. 

Memecoin season

WUFFI isn’t the only memecoin project gaining traction. The end of February has been dubbed the start of memecoin season as various projects doubled or tripled their value. Currently 7 of those memecoin projects have a market capitalization of more than $1 billion. Moreover, Dogecoin sits on top with $22.3 billion in total value. 

Despite the label ‘memecoin’, these coin projects aren’t a joke. Various memecoin projects have grown into fully-fledged ecosystems, building their own blockchains or Layer-2 networks. For example, the Shiba Inu community launched Shibarium. 

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