Will Primelab on NEAR Redefine Web3?

PrimeLab aka NEAR Apps is building an ecosystem of experiences for everyday users

Primelab is a new dapp platform on the NEAR blockchain that surged in both user numbers and transactions in mid-March.It is a platform that provides individuals and businesses to join the NEAR ecosystem with easy-to-use tools. 

Something interesting happened on the NEAR blockchain brought us to today’s article. 

In mid-March, the NEAR blockchain showed a tremendous increase in on-chain data. And surprisingly, the traffic basically came from one dapp, Primelab. According to DappRadar dapp tracking, the growth curve of Near’s transactions is highly consistent with that of Primelab. 

Near blockchain Primelab

The dapp recorded 860,220 unique active wallets interactions with its smart contracts, a whopping increase of more than 10,000% over the past 30 days. Moreover, transactions on the dapp have also registered a jaw-dropping growth rate for the same period. Users made 4.97 million transactions on the dapp’s smart contracts, with a proliferation of 10,548%. With this type of growth in activity, it’s no surprise to see Primelab at the top of the NEAR Rankings on DappRadar

Primelab redefine web3
Near dapp ranking

Everything on chain 

Primelab told DappRadar that its mission is to drive mass adoption on the NEAR blockchain by empowering individuals and businesses with the most easy-to-use tools to experience Web3. Primelab’s founding team firmly believes that on-chain data should reflect every user interaction with blockchain rather than just keeping track of users’ money-wise activities, namely transactions. 

With that vision in mind, Primelab put its idea into practice. Primelab’s astonishing data records all kinds of users’ on-chain behavior, not just transactions. This opens the door to how one should look at blockchain data holistically. As a result, user engagement is evident. Then here comes the question. What did Primelab do to send so much traffic that it accounted for almost 90% of all NEAR daily transactions and active users?

Redefine Web3 with an all-encompassing ecosystem

Primelab provides users with an all-encompassing blockchain ecosystem centering on accessibility and usability. All the Primelab dapp allow users to register an account simply via email or phone. This account serves as the unique pass and identity to access different dapps on the platform. Ultimately, an aggregated dapp will be a gateway for users to experience hundreds of other dapps within the ecosystem. At present, Primelab has few dapps, but it has already attracted almost a million users. 

Persona target network to help dapps

From the same walkthrough Youtube video, we also learned that Primelab would leverage users’ on-chain activities to generate personas in the near future. Specifically, a marketing campaign platform designed to compete with Google Ads will use these user personas to target potential audiences accurately. To fulfill this goal, Primelab aims to build 180 dapps this year. They believe that if 20% of the dapps work out, the ad network will have sufficient data to depict each user’s persona. How to make that happen? Basically, the persona generation process relies on a user’s recent activities. Primelab will use the most recent five actions a user takes on the blockchain to generate such a persona. For example, an action can be minting an NFT, selling a trading card, or passing a KYC process.

NFT Maker App with viral marketing tools

NFT Maker App is the first dapp in the broader Primelab ecosystem. It presents itself as a tool to easily create NFTs on the NEAR blockchain. In the Youtube video, Primelab shared that it managed to acquire over 700,000 wallets within days via its viral marketing tools. According to the video introduction, a viral share mechanism will not only trigger contagious sharing of the content but can also be integrated with any other dapp in the ecosystem as a slice, namely a module functional widget.

Web 3 Cloud, privacy first

Taking the opposite approach of IPFS, Primelab has built a truly decentralized storage solution that is privacy first. Access is true ownership. All Primelab products are built on a default-private file system, where files are encrypted with their owner’s blockchain wallet, the user can even select where to store that data. Online or their own storage system. Web 3 cloud includes a free real-time collaboration suite so every user can stay in Web 3. For the first time, people truly control data. They can share, hide, or delete the data at any time. 

The future 

An advertising network enables businesses and individuals to organize marketing campaigns on Web3 efficiently. Primelab creates tools to make the blockchain ecosystem more accessible for users and developers. Both sound ambitious yet exciting. It is worth mentioning that Primelab’s user base consists of a broad range of general users, not just crypto savvies. Arguably, Primelab’s astonishing data performance suggests that the team is on the right track by building an ecosystem that enables mass adoption. DappRadar will continue to monitor the development of Primelab and the NEAR blockchain’s ecosystem

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