WildEarth Launches Wildlife Conservation NFT Collection

WildEarth Launches Wildlife Conservation NFT Collection
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Proceeds from minting and secondary sales of WildEarth NFTs go to preservation efforts

WildEarth has begun an extensive NFT mint that aims to help endangered species and wildlife rescue centers across the globe. The Wildlife Conservation collection has a noble mission. A big percentage of the mint and resale prices will go directly to wildlife habitat custodians. 

The Wildlife Conservation collection will feature 25 animals: 11 leopards, 9 lions, and 5 hyenas. All of them are currently living on the Djuma Game Reserve. The NFTs of every animal collection display the animals’ portrait, their name, and their Animal Registry ID. They will also feature their unique NFT serial number.

Genesis WildEarth NFTs will be sold for $200, or 120 MATIC. Importantly, the team has decided to use Polygon. This offers supporters a chance to own NFTs in an environmentally friendly manner. According to the organization’s website, Polygon only requires only about 0.0003 kWh per transaction. This is equivalent to a couple of minutes of watching TV. It’s also much less than it takes to charge a cellphone battery. Importantly, this is a considerably lower energy cost than blockchains like Ethereum and Bitcoin. 

The main goal of this NFT collection will be to support the preservation and conservation of natural wildlife habitats. Additionally, WildEarth plans to continue expanding its Animal Registry across the globe. The project wants to contribute to wildlife conservation perpetually by providing a new income source to habitat custodians.

How much will WildEarth donate?

According to the official website, 40% of all initial mint revenue will go directly to wildlife habitat custodians. At a price of $200 each, this means that every single NFT will generate $80. Importantly, his portion of sales goes towards protecting the natural habitat of these animals.

Additionally, WildEarth has integrated a sort of royalties program into the NFT code that will send 8% of all secondary sales directly to custodians. 

Since its launch, WildEarth has already generated more than $13.000 for the Djuma Game Reserve. What is more, the project has an ambitious roadmap which will offer continued revenue and funds going to the reserves. 

According to the official website, for every NFT minted by collectors, WildEarth will mint a second one, boosting earning opportunities for the future. What is more, as the project develops WildEarth aims to bring more utility for NFT holders. These include a territorial expansion of Search&ID to show more reserves, and the deployment of Portrait Extraction and animal identification AI software.

DappRadar will continue monitoring WildEarth as its noble mission hits its roadmap goals. Furthermore, this is an important project that showcases how NFTs can be both an awesome collectible, and a driver of change and wellbeing. To learn the latest NFT news first, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join the community with DappRadar PRO

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