Why LiteBringer dev CipSoft thinks blockchain is the future of gaming

Litebringer is now live on the Litecoin blockchain. Play for free now!

CipSoft’s PC-based RPG LiteBringer is now live on the Litecoin blockchain.

Not only is the first game running on Litecoin but it’s a very different experience to the typical games running on the likes of Ethereum, EOS, and TRON

We wanted to know why CipSoft had taken this unique approach for its first blockchain game.

So we caught up with Lead Product Manager Ulrich Schlott to ask him that – and other – questions.

Why do you think blockchain will become an important technology for games in the future?

Virtual game assets have become just as acceptable in terms of representing monetary value as physical items. Consequently, the aspect of real ownership, which is characteristic of blockchain-driven games, becomes more and more relevant to gamers. 

Moreover, blockchain technology enables developers to create marketplaces that are not only easy to use but also virtually safe from any form of fraud. 

LiteBringer takes security and true ownership to the next level because literally every game operation is engraved into the blockchain. True ownership and marketplaces utilizing blockchain technology are here to stay.

How difficult was it to build on Litecoin, which isn’t designed for games?

It is true that we had to solve certain issues related to the Litecoin blockchain. For instance, we had to come up with a plan to create tokens that allow us to represent game assets. This would have been easier using Ethereum, as that cryptocurrency specializes in tokenization. 

Nevertheless, these were some challenges and we were able to solve them in a comparatively short period of time. 

The real deal was to create a marketplace on top of the blockchain which enables the gamers not only to buy assets but also to put up offers. This is a major deal with any blockchain and one of the reasons LiteBringer is a unique blockchain game.

Which specific features does Litecoin bring to an RPG such as LiteBringer?

The most important factor is the transaction fee, which is quite low and can be relied on to stay so in the future. 

WhaThis is a must-have for any product that is intended to operate exclusively using a blockchain, and which consequently requires large numbers of transactions. To give an example, the current spike in transaction fees on Ethereum would have instantly killed our game.

What important lessons did you learn during the game’s open beta testing?

Serverless applications are very different from traditional games, which operate on a server-to-client framework. If you make a mistake, you cannot just turn off the server, restore using a backup and everything is fine. 

You have to be very careful when implementing new features, because once they are published you have few options to correct mistakes, and features need to be interpretable in the very distant future, too. 

What is your target audience for LiteBringer? Crypto enthusiasts? PC gamers?

Both. We are aware of the fact that, in the beginning, our game will be mostly checked out by crypto enthusiasts. 

Nevertheless, we specifically aim to reach PC gamers! We have created an intricate, well-crafted game rather than adding yet another use case for blockchain technology to the list.

How big an obstacle do you think it will be that people need to buy Litecoin to play the game?

To be honest, this is a major – if not the greatest problem – we are facing. It is still way too complicated for people who lack the experience to get cryptocurrencies, and the information which might help them is too fragmented and technology-focused. 

This has to change if we want mass adaption to happen. We cannot improve the process of getting coins, but we are planning to publish instructions and explanations to make the process as straightforward and comfortable as possible.

You can check out all the details, including a neat How To Play tutorial section at the LiteBringer website. Read the LiteBringer launch article and find out more about the free to play offer.

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