Don Diablo & What the Hell’s an NFT Among Top Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales april 5-11 v2

Gods Unchained and Sora Farm make this list a bit fishy

Music artist Don Diablo made it to the top of the NFT sales, while CryptoPunks saw lots of action surrounding the auction at Christie’s. At the same time Sora Swap, Decentraland, Gods Unchained, and Saturday Night Live made surprise appearances in the DappRadar Top 10 NFT Sales. 

The top sales in the NFT space were tightly correlated with the news. Saturday Night Live auctioned an NFT video in which they explain NFTs to their audience, while CryptoPunks saw increased trading thanks to auction house Christie’s. The biggest NFT sale came from SuperRare where music artist Don Diablo sold a unique NFT, which is basically a 1-hour audiovisual experience. The NFT sold for $1.2 million and comes with a physical box that contains a hard drive with the only copy of the movie.

In third place, we see an NFT from Sora Farm called Noriko Soramoto. This wallet owner purchased 880 copies of the NFT for 0,33 ETH each, spending a staggering $622,090. Even though the NFT is related to Sora Farm, it doesn’t seem to have any usage beyond filling a wallet. SoraSwap is a farming protocol allowing users to claim PSWAP tokens as a reward for staking liquidity tokens from various pools. 

A lot more serious seems to be the purchase of a big estate in Decentraland. Influencer and NFT collector DCL Blogger acquired the land in collaboration with NFT collector Crypto888Crypto, as they plan to create a showcase for their collections. They paid $572,000 for a big estate, combining dozens of land parcels in one package, in the virtual world of Decentraland. 

$515,000 for one Gods Unchained card?

Last week Immutable launched their layer-2 solution Immutable X. Two days after their launch some odd transactions happened on the Ethereum blockchain. Enduring Shield #219569265, a card for the trading card game Gods Unchained, exchanged between two wallets for $515,000… more than thirty times in a three-hour time period. The two wallets involved in these mysterious transactions are almost empty. One holds no NFTs at all, while the other wallet now has the Enduring Shield card and an Art Blocks artwork. 

  1. Don Diablo – Destination Hexogonia – $1,200,000 – owner’s wallet
  2. CryptoPunks – punk 6704 – $759,560  – owner’s wallet
  3. Sora Swap – Noriko Soramoto – $622,090 – owner’s wallet
  4. Decentraland – Estate: Yuut Park West – $572,000 – owner’s wallet
  5. Gods Unchained – Enduring Shield – $515,000 – owner’s wallet
  6. What the hell’s an NFT – $328,650 – owner’s wallet
  7. CryptoPunks – punk 8010 – $320,720 – owner’s wallet
  8. CryptoPunks – punk 638 – $281,070  – owner’s wallet
  9. WorldStar Hip-hop Chain – $231,210  – owner’s wallet
  10. CryptoPunks – punk 6720 – $222,580 – owner’s wallet

Other sales worth mentioning

This week Autoglyph didn’t make the charts, but last week five sales were enough for a total of $748,000. Each of the generative artworks sold for prices between $140,000 and $160,000. The most expensive one was Autoglyph 342. The lucky buyer paid $159,850 to add the on-chain-generated artwork to their collection

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