What is XCAD Network and How to Earn from Watching YouTube

XCAD Network watch2earn video youtube earning crypto content creators

All you need to know about XCAD Network, its features, and XCAD token

XCAD Network is a dapp on BNB Chain that has introduced a Watch2Earn platform, connecting with YouTube. The decentralized application, or dapp, allows users to earn rewards from watching certain content directly on YouTube. You could say that XCAD Network curates content based on earning potential for Web3 video enthusiasts. 

DappRadar listed XCAD Network in July 2023, right before the SocialFi hype started one month later. And even though XCAD Network is a Watch2Earn platform, it also connects strongly with the recent hype surrounding SocialFi. Users can earn creator token rewards for following, engaging and watching YouTube content from their favorite content creators.

What is XCAD Network?

XCAD Network is a tokenization platform for YouTubers, allowing content creators to have their own cryptocurrency fan token. Fans and viewers can then earn these tokens by watching and engaging with the content from those creators. They will need to have the XCAD plugin installed in order to be eligible. Content creators can also earn from this proposition, and they receive more tokens as their channel generates more traffic.

On which blockchain does XCAD operate?

All tokens within the XCAD Network ecosystem are hosted on BNB Chain. The platform also interacts with the Zilliqa blockchain.

How much can you earn with XCAD Network? 

As a viewer or fan, don’t expect to get rich from watching YouTube videos. However, leaving the plugin working and watching content from your favorite Youtubers does provide an easy way to perhaps earn a few coffee or hamburgers a month. Who knows? 

For content creators the proposition provides a lot of upside, as XCAD Network can add a new revenue stream that guarantees a payment without partnership limitations or other boundaries. However, the XCAD DAO needs to agree before a content creator can tokenize.  

What can you do with earned crypto?

Earned tokens can then be sold, or you buy more, through the integrated XCAD exchange. In addition, token holders may use their earnings to buy exclusive NFT content from their favorite creator. 

Tracking performance

Even though it’s just fun to watch and earn, XCAD also provides the option to approach the market from an investor point of view. They offer a market overview, similar to Coingecko and Coinmarketcap, but tailored to the tokens of the content creators. This way everybody can see which creator has its price going up, and which ones are going down. 

XCAD Network influencer marketcap screenshot - crypto prices on 5 Oct 2023

What is the XCAD token?

Native to the XCAD Network, is the XCAD token. This token has a number of different utilities and can be considered as a hub for the entire ecosystem. XCAD does many things, including…

  1. Powering the XCAD exchange
  2. Serving as the only trading pair with all creator tokens
  3. Providing voting power over governance decisions, for example which creator can tokenize 
  4. Adding a multiplier on rewards when staking is activated
  5. Powering creator liquidity offerings (token burn events)

How to earn crypto on XCAD Network from watching YouTube?

Through XCAD Network anybody can start earning some tokens by watching video content from their favorite content creators on YouTube. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the dapp page on DappRadar, and click “Open dapp”
  2. Download the XCAD app for your Chrome browser, Android or iOS device
  3. Make an account for the app
  4. Find and connect with your favorite content creators 
  5. And now start watching video content

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