What is UXLINK, a Complete Guide to the Leading Web3 Social Infrastructure

uxlink social infrastructrure web3 complete guide

Enhancing social experiences through connections and financial incentives

Blockchain technology has the potential to completely transform the way existing social structures have been built, and UXLINK is leading the charge with its Web3-powered social infrastructure. UXLINK links users and dapps alike, building a network of real-world relationships and their onchain interactions.

In a nutshell, we can say that UXLINK provides the infrastructure for anybody to create their own blockchain-powered social network built within Telegram. This would then allow people to create groups of fans, who can trade assets in a few clicks. UXLINK has its own invite system, soulbound tokens, a wallet, and AI-powered tools to create, manage and interact with groups of followers. 

Telegram has over 1.5 billion users worldwide, and became one of the leading social platforms in the blockchain space. The social platform has been making headlines in recent months with the growth of the TON blockchain, while also seeing the rise of mobile-friendly clicker games. UXLINK allowing anybody to create their own Web3-powered community within this thriving ecosystem, is a powerful opportunity. 

However, UXLINK doesn’t sit within the Telegram silo. Thanks to its blockchain nature, the social platform can collaborate with DeFi dapps, GameFi projects and AI technology. Ultimately UXLINK builds trust-based social connections on the blockchain. 

UXLINK vision

UXLINK rebranded in November 2023 from UXUY to its current name, positioning itself as an ecosystem instead of just a collection of dapps. UXLINK is a blockchain-based social system that fosters an environment for building communities and trading crypto assets. The platform is connection-centric, fostering links between individuals and the broader blockchain space. 

UXLINK wants to become a Web3 social platform for mass adoption, offering its users access to SocialFi infrastructure. Users follow each other, creating connections between each other, between groups and dapps as well. Through this, every individual or group has a social graph. Moreover, contrary to traditional social media, users can manage their social graph themselves, potentially creating multiple personas for different purposes. 

Link-to-Earn through UXLINK

Linking is a fundamental aspect of UXLINK, and therefore the Link-to-Earn narrative makes a lot of sense. This mechanism has become one of the driving forces behind the incredible growth UXLINK has gone through. The social infrastructure platform reached 1 million users within its first months, and now has 4.2 million active wallets per month according to DappRadar data.

Link-to-earn is core to UXLINK, alongside the Web3-powered groups that users can establish. Users build up their reputation, and with that they create trust. Through UXLINK’s Link-to-earn mechanism users can invite their friends, connect with each other and with projects, and then earn points in the process. These points connect to a soulbound token in the user’s wallet, really allowing users to build a reputation by connecting with trustworthy friends. 

Users can earn points through this process, which they can then use within the UXLINK ecosystem. Moreover, these points connect heavily to the UXLINK token airdrop. But before we talk about the airdrop, let’s first make sure we have an account.

3 Benefits of UXLINK over other SocialFi projects

  1. Over 10 million registered users who genuinely engage, while also tapping into onchain mechanics, which leads to stronger engagement and higher daily activity.
  2. Over 1.6 million community members hold UXLINK NFT, making them eligible for the UXLINK token airdrop. This gives UXLINK one of the highest numbers of token holders globally. 
  3. Users and partners will need to purchase and use UXLINK the utilize the protocol and its data. This creates demand for the token. 

How to join UXLINK

  1. Get an invite code from the UXLINK community on Telegram, or use mine
  2. Open the UXLINK bot channel, and go through the process to create your account
  3. You can now invite your friends, access your UXLINK dashboard or join groups

Joining UXLINK is just the beginning. When you’re in, it’s all about creating meaningful connections with friends and other community members. 

UXLINK token airdrop guide

UXLINK has several methods in place to counter farming bots and sybil attacks. Various methods of human-machine verification blocks, and other anti-sybil screenings take place. Points earned by blocked accounts get redistributed to those who are legit. UXLINK also introduces a sybil-proofing process, which will give suspected sybil farmings the opportunity to turn themselves in and still receive 15% of their tokens as compensation. Flagged account who do not turn themselves in, will have their airdrop frozen for 6 months, and the community will have a final judgment. 

Things you can potentially do to become eligible for the UXLINK token airdrop: 

  1. Invite a couple of friends using your own referral key
  2. Get some funds into your UXLINK account wallet, at least $50
  3. Acquire UXUY points by interacting with UXLINK, the more UXUY you manage to gather the better your position for the airdrop. 
  4. Redeem or purchase UX NFTs, which makes you eligible for the airdrop 
  5. Connect Binance Web3 wallet with $10 in it and receive 25 UXUY tokens, followed by Daily Check-in rewards. These daily check-ins can earn you 112 UXUY per week. 

Right now they’ve launched a Season 2 phase for the airdrop. New rules for a Season 3 airdrop or reward distribution will happen after the Token Generation Event (TGE). The UXLINK token is scheduled for listing on DEXs and CEXs, somewhere in 2024 and subject to market conditions. 

Closing words

The rise of SocialFi has made waves within Web3, and UXLINK is proof of this. There’s a new wave of users joining Web3, and UXLINK is building a SocialFi layer that appeals to Web3 users and regular Telegram users alike. Built with the idea for long-term incentives and token empowerment, UXLINK is setting the stage for SocialFi to revolutionize what it means to be active on social media. Your net worth sits in your network. 

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