What Is Starbucks’ Polygon-based Loyalty Program?

What Is Starbucks’ Polygon-based Loyalty Program
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Starbucks to roll out Starbucks Odyssey, its loyalty platform powered by NFTs.

Starbucks unveiled Starbucks Odyssey this week. It is a new experience powered by Polygon and offers its customers in the United States exclusive opportunities to earn and purchase digital collectible assets. Moreover, it allows customers to unlock access to more benefits and immersive coffee experiences like never before. 


  • Starbucks Odyssey, the Polygon-powered loyalty program, was open for waitlist sign-up on September 12.
  • Members can collect NFTs by completing ‘journeys’.
  • These Polygon-based NFTs will generate digital points for holders, which they can use to redeem exclusive perks.
  • Users can gain insights into the vibrant Polygon ecosystem using tools such as DappRadar Ranking, NFT Explorer, Portfolio Tracker, and more. 

Starbucks officially announced this week the launch of Starbucks Odyssey, a membership program powered by NFT and other Web3 technologies. The program will go live later this year, and guests can apply to join the waiting list starting September 12.

Big brands foraying into Web3 are nothing new, and you can follow this link to discover some renowned names that have recently joined the NFT space. 

However, people are probably tired of brands touting about opening virtual stores in the Metaverse. So when Starbucks announced that its Odyssey would be an extension of its loyalty program and leverage NFT and Polygon to bring a one-of-a-kind user experience to consumers, it indeed raised anticipation.

Starbucks’ announcement certainly gave Polygon’s native token MATIC a noticeable boost, with the price climbing to $0.937, the highest over the last seven days. If you already own Polygon-based crypto assets, DappRadar Portfolio Tracker can help you monitor the latest changes in your asset value. 

What is Starbucks Odyssey, and what benefits does it offer?

Starbucks Odyssey will be an extension of its Starbucks Rewards program, so members can access using their Starbucks Rewards login credentials. Once Starbucks Odyssey goes live, members will be able to embark on a series of meticulously-curated journeys, such as interactive games, knowledge challenges, and more. After completing journeys, members will receive digital collectible ‘journey stamps’ as rewards.


These digital stamps are NFTs on the Polygon network and will generate points for holders. Notably, these NFTs will vary in rarity, resulting in different points. But what kind of perks can these points unlock? 


Whether you are a coffeeholic or a casual drinker, these points can benefit you in various ways. For example, customers can use points to redeem experiences such as virtual espresso martini-making classes, access to unique merchandise, and even trips to Starbucks Hacienda Alsacia coffee farm in Costa Rica.

Moreover, members can purchase limited-edition NFT stamps through a built-in marketplace within the Starbucks Odyssey web app. It is also worth mentioning that members can buy these NFTs with a credit card, with no crypto wallet or cryptocurrency required. This will lower users’ entry barrier for experiencing the Starbucks Odyssey experience. 

Why Polygon?

Adhering to its sustainability commitments, Starbucks Odyssey adopts Polygon’s proof-of-stake network. Polygon has been widely adopted as a powerful scaling solution that fully supports the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Apart from Starbucks, Disney also chose Polygon for building its Accelerator Program.

Dapps running on Polygon can enjoy an ideal blockchain experience that enables interoperability and scalability. Furthermore, developers and users can avoid the high costs and transaction latency caused by congestion on Ethereum.

With the growing number of projects joining Polygon, it is now one of the most dynamic blockchain ecosystems. Users who want to keep up with the latest developments of Polygon can utilize the DappRadar tracking tools below.

If users already own Polygon-based crypto assets, they can also keep on top of asset value changes with DappRadar Portfolio Tracker. Furthermore, once Starbucks Odyssey goes live, users will also be able to monitor those Polygon-based NFTs in DappRadar Portfolio.

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