What is RealtyX: Pioneering Property Tokenization on the Blockchain

DAO RealtyX tokenized real estate guide
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Democratizes real estate investment through tokenization and community governance

RealtyX is a Real World Asset (RWA) project built on the blockchain, designed to give global users access to the real estate market. Through tokenization investors can purchase shares in physical properties, without the need to own it in its entirety. 

One of the key challenges in the current real estate investment industry is the substantial capital requirement, which often excludes the majority of people around the world from participating. People need a mortgage, adequate funding and consistent revenue to be able to purchase real estate.  

RealtyX addresses this issue by implementing a concept known as “real estate tokenization”. This innovative system democratizes real estate value sharing and offers an accessible and inclusive way for individuals to benefit from the real estate market.

What is RealtyX?

The concept of RealtyX is a pilot and evolving, and it offers a learning platform where the community comes together to share and explore real-world assets (RWA) tokenization through decentralized autonomous organization (DAOs) governance. Currently, RealtyX focuses on property tokenization, offering new avenues to capture value from the most vibrant real estate markets.

How does RealtyX work?

The operational framework of RealtyX is a meticulously structured process. Here’s how it works: each property interest is secured by a trust, which then issues RST governance tokens to a property-specific Special Purpose Decentralized Division (SPDD). The RealtyX Foundation, acting as the operational arm, carries out and manages these tokenization projects for and according to SPDD members’ directions and instructions. 

RealtyX DOA infographic organization chart flow

If any property within the ecosystem generates income through leasing, the trust will accrue this revenue. It then falls to the corresponding SPDD to instruct the RealtyX Foundation to distribute proceeds to its members. In this way, it creates a seamless flow of value and returns from asset to tokenized property purchasers.

A closer look at the RealtyX tokenization process

Property owners, whether they are individuals or institutions, initiate the process by determining the percentage of their property’s value that they wish to tokenize through the RealtyX platform. The tokenized property units are made accessible to members of the RealtyX Foundation for purchase. These units are represented in the form of ERC-20 tokens (currently on the Base blockchain), known as the RealtyX SPDD Tokens (RST).

To acquire these RST tokens, DAO members use stablecoins (currently USDC) as their payment method. Members of the RealtyX ecosystem who hold RST tokens are granted governance rights, endowing them with decision-making power in the collective oversight of the tokenized real estate. 

RST token holders can vote on various decisions as DAO members. This includes for example rental fees, or financing certain services or features in and around the property.

What are the tokens in the RealtyX ecosystem?

In the RealtyX ecosystem two distinct types of tokens play a central role: ERC-20 tokens (RST tokens) and ERC-721 tokens (NFTs). Furthermore, the RealtyX platform employs stablecoins for the purchase of RST tokens.

RST tokens 

RST, short for RealtyX SPDD Tokens, is the cornerstone of RealtyX’s property tokenization process. Primarily, they grant governance rights specific to the tokenized property they represent. By retaining these tokens and adhering to the RealtyX Foundation’s terms and conditions, holders can become active members involved in the decision-making for their respective property within the ecosystem.

Moreover, these tokens serve as a receipt for the stablecoins one has committed. They offer a way to earn from the property.

RealtyX Launch Pass NFTs

The RealtyX Launch Pass is a set of 50,000 NFTs exclusively available on the Base blockchain. To participate in the 10 ETH Raffle that will happen during RealtyX’s Pilot Launch, one must possess a Launch Pass. 

Notably, the RealtyX Launch Pass doesn’t go on sale to the general public. The only way to get one is through special events with our partners. So, if you want to secure a Launch Pass, make sure to sign up for DappRadar’s airdrop event. Don’t miss this opportunity!

These NFTs are not just prize tickets or collectibles. Owning them will elevate your status and give you priority access to the future Genesis Card NFTs in the RealtyX DAO ecosystem. 

RealtyX Genesis Card

Each Genesis Card represents the premium membership status within the RealtyX ecosystem, offering perks such as future airdrops, purchase discounts, and other exclusive benefits. 

In the near future, RealtyX plans to roll out dedicated DAO governance tokens, giving community members the ability to shape the platform through active governance participation.

Countdown to RealtyX launch: be ready for the exclusive 10 ETH prize pool

The RealtyX platform is getting ready for its much-awaited debut. It will begin with a pilot launch, during which the community can expect to receive the coveted Launch Pass NFTs through a series of partnered airdrops if they are eligible. 

As mentioned before, this pass is not just a symbol, but it also provides access to a generous prize pool, with the potential to unlock rewards worth up to 10 ETH.

Keep up with RealtyX 

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This article is for informational purposes only. None of the content constitutes financial advice, and it should not be considered as such. Users are strongly encouraged to conduct their own research and consult with personal financial advisors before making any financial decisions or investments. The content presented here is not intended to be a substitute for professional financial advice, and we do not assume any responsibility for actions taken based on the information provided.

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