What is PantherSwap: A Simple Explanation

what is pantherswap

The First Automatic Liquidity Acquisition Yield Farm & AMM on BSC

PantherSwap is an automated market maker decentralized exchange and yield farm running on Binance Smart Chain. The platform offers staking, token swapping, liquidity providing, yield farming, and initial token offerings, while it uses its own PANTHER token for each of those services.

PantherSwap offers a wide variety of staking and yield farming options. But before we dive into those options, let’s take a look at the mechanics used by the automated market maker to counter the regular dumping of tokens. For example, users that want to enter staking on PantherSwap, will need to pay a 4% deposit fee. Here 1% gets burned and 3% goes to PANTHER holders to encourage holding.

One of the main features of PantherSwap is that each transfer of PANTHER needs to pay a 5% transfer tax. One percent gets burned, while the remaining 4% goes to the liquidity pool. This mechanic is meant counter price drops.

In addition the platform introduced Harvest Lockup, which allows yield farmers to only claim their harvest once every X hours. This system is meant to counter bots that automatically harvest and dump their assets. Furthermore, the PantherSwap team has embraced an Anti-Whale protection. Users can’t move more than 0,5% of the total supply at once.

How to earn PANTHER tokens

PantherSwap has its own token swapping and liquidity service, allowing users to get PANTHER Liquidity Pool (PANTHER LP) tokens. Users who combine PANTHER and another token, for example BUSD or BNB, will receive the corresponding LP tokens in their wallet. They can then place those LP tokens in a yield farm to earn PANTHER or potentially other tokens as well.

Yield farms where users stake LP tokens and earn PANTHER tokens

In addition PantherSwap allows users to stake in so-called Pools. For staking users only require one kind of token. For example, by staking BUSD users earn PANTHER. There’s a Annual Percentage Yield of 168%, but this percentage normally drops as more people join a pool.

As mentioned earlier, PantherSwap users mechanics to stop manipulation by bots. Users can only harvest from the BUSD pool once every 8 hours. Other pools have a 2-hour or 6-hour lockup period. Furthermore, each time someone deposits tokens in one these staking pools, they need to pay a 4% fee.

More features

The developers of PantherSwap have much bigger plans for the automated market maker platform. They are planning more mechanics that will benefit users holding PANTHER tokens. For example, there will be airdrops of new tokens for those who hold a certain amount of PANTHER.

In addition they will introduce AMM Trading Mining, which allows active traders on PantherSwap to earn PANTHER tokens based on their activity.

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