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How to Play Win Earn MOBOX
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Introducing MOBOX, a vibrant gaming platform on BNB Smart Chain

MOBOX is an NFT-powered gaming platform that organically combines a diverse range of games with elements of yield farming and NFT farming. The platform also adopts both free-to-play and play-to-earn mechanics, allowing players to generate value through their active participation in the gaming platform’s ecosystem.

While MOBOX started as an NFT staking and token farming platform with Mystery Boxes, it has grown into a much more vivid ecosystem offering games, fun, earnings and a stylized virtual environment. Yes, the MOBOX ecosystem has its own metaverse platform, its own card battle game, pet simulator and much more. Let’s dive in and see how MBOX fits in!


What is MOBOX?

MOBOX is a multichain gaming ecosystem offering games and gamified services on BNB Chain and Arbitrum. The platform combines gameplay with yield farming and NFT farming. These NFTs then allow players to participate in higher levels or new challenges on the platform. Overall, MOBOX is a free-to-play, but some gaming elements do require a certain NFT. You can either farm these by staking MBOX, or simply buy one on a marketplace.

MBOX, what is it?

MBOX is the native token of the MOBOX ecosystem, and it serves as a utility and governance token. A total of 1 billion MBOX will be distributed through a fair launch over a period of 5 years. MBOX is a BEP-20 token on the BNB Chain.

MOBOX MBOX token allocation

First, the MBOX token facilitates in-game purchases, such as acquiring equipment and characters. Additionally, players receive MBOX as incentives for taking part in games and other activities such as NFT mining. 

In governance, MBOX token holders can submit and vote on proposals to influence the platform’s development and business direction. Furthermore, users can stake in various liquidity pools on the platform to earn staking rewards in MBOX tokens.

Where to download MOBOX?

MOBOX is a platform that’s accessible through your browser. However, various games or GameFi services can be downloaded as a separate app for Android and iOS. For example, MOMOverse can be accessed through your browser, iOS AppStore and Google Play Store.

What games can I find on MOBOX?

The MOBOX game platform offers a variety of games, some created by the team itself while others have been acquired or made available through a partnership. Each of the games listed on MOBOX taps into Web3 technology, allowing players to play with or win NFTs and crypto tokens. Below some examples of the games available on the MOBOX gaming platform.

  1. MOMO: Token Master – a turn-based idle strategy game with seasonal leaderboards and MBOX rewards.
  2. MOMO: Block Brawler – an idle battle game where players need to level up their MOMO heroes and battle for seasonal rewards.
  3. ChainZ Arena MOBOX Edition – an idle RPG where players battle to dominate the competition by leveling up gear.
  4. MOMO: MOland Defense – a tower defense game where players can join up to occupy cities and challenge bosses.
  5. MOMO: Clash of MOland – A war strategy game with fantasy elements where players need to recruit heroes, forming alliances, collect resources, occupy cities and eventually become king.

How to earn easily in MOBOX?

MOBOX boasts a sustainable token economic system in which gamification plays a critical part. Moreover, the platform allows users to be benefited from its player-owned economy in various ways. Users can find three ways to generate passive income. They are Yield Mining, MOMO Mining, and Mystery Box.

Yield Farming

Yield Farming is a popular DeFi instrument. It refers to maximizing crypto returns by depositing or lending designated tokens through DeFi protocols. This mechanism will provide liquidity for the swap fund pool. As a result, users can obtain a commission by participating in Yield Farming. 

On the MOBOX platform, users can deposit the MBOX-BNB liquidity pool (LP) tokens to increase the pool’s liquidity. Later, participants can get an airdrop of MBOX as a reward for providing liquidity.

MOBOX liquidity farming


To join NFT Mining and gain rewards, users will need MOMO, an NFT asset of the MOBOX platform. Users can obtain MOMO by opening a Mystery Box or purchasing from the NFT marketplace. 

After users acquire MOMOs, the system automatically puts them into staking mode. As a result, it starts mining MBOX tokens and generating income daily. Users can go to Mining Camp to check the latest status of their mining activity. 

MOMO NFT Farming brings NFT and DeFi together in a new way and opens up unique usage scenarios for these technologies. This DappRadar article helps users better understand the MOMO NFT Farming experience.

Mystery Box

The Mystery Box is an NFT blind box in the form of BEP-1155. For those unfamiliar with BEP-1155, it is a multi-token standard on the BNB Smart Chain. It combines the fungibility of BEP-20 and the non-fungibility of BEP-721 in one smart contract. 

Each Mystery BOX contains a MOMO NFT with random quality and hash power according to the probability. It is worth noting that MOMO’s hash power determines its earning capability. Each MOMO NFT has a random base hash power, which can be improved by consuming other MOMO NFT or MEC NFT. 

To earn income with Mystery BOX, users can directly sell the Mystery BOX. Another way is to sell the MOMO inside the BOX after opening it. The price of MOMOs depends on market demand, but rarer MOMO definitely will be more profitable.

What is MOMOverse?

The MOBOX team endeavors to build an engaging virtual world. It will allow MOBOXers to build a network, explore virtual lands, and create infinite possibilities for a player-driven economy. Therefore, the team introduced the MOMOverse, enabling players to experience an immersive, interactive and progressive gaming experience. 

Within the MOMOvers, players can choose a MOprofession, a role with several career paths to choose from, including a shopkeeper, builder, and farmer. There is also MOsocial embedded to facilitate social networking within the virtual world. And finally, MOseum is the place to show off users’ NFT collections.

The MOMOverse also empowers users through digital ownership and a creator economy. While the MOland gameplay allows players and guilds to build their territory and experiment with virtual business models. 

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