What is Milady Maker: Everything about This Neochibi Art Experiment

What is Milady Maker
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Decoding the reasons behind Milady’s controversial yet captivating rise to popularity

The Milady Maker NFT collection rose to fame amid the meme frenzy in April this year. Despite its lack of concrete utility, Milady Maker has quickly become one of the most sought-after collections in the market. In this article, we delve into the captivating allure of this controversial collection and explore potential pathways for its future development.


What is Milady Maker?

The Milady Maker collection consists of 10,000 generative PFP NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. It showcases a neochibi aesthetic, with randomized cosmetics inspired by Tokyo street fashion from the 00s. These Milady avatars are meticulously designed to embody a fashion-forward and socially engaging persona, inviting individuals into their unique aesthetic world.

However, the collection’s distinct visual style has not garnered unanimous applause. While some believe it’s avant-garde and boundary-pushing, others categorize it as the “ugliest” collection in the history of PFP NFTs. 

Milady Maker NFT trading vol

The controversy surrounding Milady’s beauty didn’t stop it from becoming a highly sought-after NFT collection today. Accumulating an impressive trading volume of $118.22 million and boasting a market cap of $130.36 million, Milady Maker has firmly secured its place as a top 10 collection on DappRadar’s NFT rankings.

DappRadar NFT ranking

Who is behind Milady Maker?

Milady Maker was created by Remilia Collective, with Charlotte Fang as the leading designer. However, in 2022, allegations surfaced about Charlotte Fang’s involvement in scandals. The revelation led to a decline in Milady’s value, but the project managed to regain stability after Charlotte distanced herself from the project and issued a public apology.

Understanding Milady Maker’s art style

The Milady Maker collection was originally brought to life by Charlotte in August 2021. The artist introduced her unique interpretation of the Chibi Anime style, blending Western and Japanese aesthetics.

Now known as “neochibi,” this contemporary style draws inspiration from renowned artists like Takashi Murakami while also aligning with the broader movement of “avant-anime” art. 

Takashi Murakami
Takashi Murakami and his paintings

Notably, digital artists such as Mara Barl, Jyoucyo, and Rednbou have also been exploring this fusion of artistic expression. Looking at the artworks of these creators, we can find similarities that resonate with the essence of Milady Maker.

Neochibi art
Artworks by Mara Barl, Jyoucyo, and Rednbou

Like other PFP NFT collections, Milady Maker is generative art created with algorithms. But what makes it special is the collection’s thematic “Cores,” which stems from the nostalgic aesthetics of Tokyo’s past street fashion.

It’s worth mentioning that the iconic FRUiTS magazine played a significant role in shaping the approach of Milady. The magazine is famous for documenting subcultural street fashion in Tokyo during the late 90s and 00s.

Fruits magazine

Milady Maker’s trading history 

Milady Maker had a rather modest opening when it comes to minting and trading. Despite making its debut in late August 2021, the collection was not minted out until March 13, 2022. Moreover, as evident from DappRadar’s tracked volume, it had limited trading activity during this period.

Milady trading volume

Milady experienced a surge in the early days due to an intriguing event.

Martin Shkreli, notorious for his controversial actions in the pharmaceutical industry, used to have Milady as his temporary Twitter profile photo. And this could have sparked increased trading activity for the NFT collection in May.

As we fast forward to the present, Milady Maker, initially created as a contemporary art collection, somehow joined the memecoin craze. Maybe its meme-like aesthetic quickly caught the attention of speculators eager to capitalize on the latest trends. 

But it was Elon Musk’s playful tweet featuring a Milady picture that pushed things to a climax. Trading volume soared to unprecedented heights, fueled by the perfect storm of art, memes, and Musk’s “endorsement”. 

Elon Musk Milady

Regarding floor price, Milady remained relatively stable for some time before experiencing a recent surge. This rapid ascent has made Milady a valuable asset that can serve as collateral to secure loans.

An example of this is the Blend P2P lending protocol launched by Blur. This platform accepts Milady as collateral. 

Milady Floor Price

To delve deeper into NFT lending, you can explore our comprehensive report.

Is Milady a good investment?

The fact that Milady can act as collateral underscores its recognized value in the market. This raises the question: is Milady a good investment? 

To assess its investment potential, let’s consider its historical performance. 

Having been minted around two years ago at a price of 0.05 ETH, Milady is now trading at an impressive 3.42 ETH. This substantial increase in value indicates that early holders who acquired Milady in August 2021 would have reaped significant profits if they had recently decided to sell. 

We delved into the historical data and identified some of these wallets, which minted over 30 Milady back in 2021:

And some diamond hands have never sold their Milady collection.

By utilizing the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker, you can not only manage your own profit and loss but also dive into individual wallets to study their trading strategies. 

DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

The early collectors of Milady Maker undeniably struck fortune as the collection witnessed a remarkable rise. However, the sudden surge in popularity caught many by surprise, making the future trajectory of Milady uncertain. 

What utilities do the Milady NFTs have?

Milady Maker holds value as both an artwork appreciated by collectors and a popular choice for profile pictures. Its unique visual style attracts art enthusiasts, while its eye-catching avatars make for engaging social media profiles. 

Its utilities are currently centered around artistic expression and personal branding. However, the dynamic nature of the NFT space leaves room for potential future developments.

Is there a token attached to the project?

It’s important to note that there is a token called LADYS; however, the developers of LADYS have clarified that it has no direct association with Milady creator Charlotte Fang or the Milady Maker collection. Instead, the token pays a tribute to the NFT collection. And it aims to pay homage to its popularity and community.

Another notable NFT collection by the Remilia Collective is Remilio Babies, which features a similar art style, but they are male characters. 

What is Remilio Babies

Remilio Babies gained attention alongside the popularity of Milady. Its trading volume has seen a significant increase of 198% in the past 30 days, reaching $15.53 million.

Remilio Babies

For further information, you can explore the collection on DappRadar.

What does the future look like for Milady?

Over the years, Milady has fostered an incredibly dedicated community that embraces its cult-like culture. It rebels and resists conforming to authority. Whether or not they appeal to everyone’s taste, Milady truly stands out in the NFT market with its distinct art style.

While some may consider it as a mere meme, Milady’s roots lie in the world of art, drawing inspiration from the art master Takashi Murakami. 

From this perspective, it becomes evident that Milady possesses the resilience and creative spirit to thrive in the art space, never defined by external judgments or classifications.

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