What is Lingo, the Gamified, RWA-powered Rewards Ecosystem

Lingo RWA rewards guide

A deepdive and guide into the future of RWA, crypto and community rewards

Lingo is a Web3 project that combines the power of real-world assets with community rewards and gamification. This consumer rewards platform allows users to earn points and claim rewards, all powered by the native LINGO token. They see mainstream consumer crypto as the ultimate frontier. 

Without a doubt loyalty and rewards programs work very well with Web3 audiences, as we’re all scraping for points and hunting airdrops. However, loyalty programs have been around for decades, and these are ready to be revolutionized by blockchain technology. 

Lingo accumulates yield generating real-estate, and uses  that profit monthly by buying back LINGO from the open market. These purchased tokens then get distributed to the community members who stake their assets on the Lingo platform. 

The real-world assets (RWAs) in the investment portfolio of Lingo are contracted by Lingo’s holding company foundation. Lingo’s team, working with the best minds possible, select which

investments to be added into the portfolio. LINGO token holders then enjoy the rewards coming from this RWA revenues, but they don’t have legal ownership over the RWAs. 

Ultimately LINGO is a utility token that powers this ecosystem, fueled by the power of Real World Assets . 

LINGO, the utility token that rewards you

Users who want to join the Lingo ecosystem, can purchase LINGO tokens once. Then they need to lock them, which will generate additional LINGO rewards every month. Users can then either stake these earnings to get more rewards next month, or redeem them for real-life rewards like Spotify, Netflix or Uber vouchers. 

This entire ecosystem is built on Solana and Base, while LINGO will soon have its community sale. LINGO token holders will be able to claim rewards at over 3,000 brands across 80 countries, powered by a network of hotels and the Fizen gift card app. 

The Lingo Airdrop Island Campaign

The LINGO token is not out of the market yet. However, the token generation event (TGE) is getting closer, and that’s why Lingo created a social airdrop campaign. LingoIslands.com offers a gamified experience where users complete challenges to earn rewards. Users will receive points, known as Air Miles in the game, which they earn by interacting with Lingo on X, or by meaningful, creative or insightful content. 

Lingo took the best concepts from Pacmoon, Portalcoin but also Memeland or gacha games to make the experience the best possible.

In the campaign there are 5 unique islands; Ape Rock, HODL Haven, Degen Island, Diamond Isle, and Whale Island. Users complete the tasks on the first island, to then travel to the next. Completion of the Ape Rock tasks makes you eligible to claim a boarding pass, which allows you to enter the game. On the next island you can get a discount on the token price and access to business class groups and more. However, on Degen Island, users will find the majority of the airdrops. You can collect the Air Miles by completing the tasks listed. Players earn more cards to increase one’s airdrop allocation, while recurring tasks optimize user retention and engagement.

How to farm and earn LINGO

Where previous social campaign were all about retweeting and liking, the balance has changed. Elon Musk recognized this was an issue, and has now implemented new guidelines. Retweeting and liking posts for the sole purpose of generating reach will damage your account’s reputation. Therefore it’s not surprising that Lingo aims for quality content, consisting of the best threads, great memes and useful guides. These posts will earn 3000 Air Miles, which users can later redeem for LINGO tokens. 

In addition, users can interact with the Lingocoin account on X, and then earn Miles for their replies, likes and comments. While a referral program can give users access to once in a lifetime experiences.   

Closing words

It’s innovative to see that a crypto rewards program is backed by RWA revenue, and not tokenization. Lingo created an exponential growth model that is resilient to bear markets but gets more powerful during bull. Lingo has already innovated with its gamified airdrop campaign, and we can’t wait to find out how rewarding this program will become once the LINGO token hits the market.

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