What Is JPG Store: the Largest NFT Marketplace on Cardano

JPG Store NFT Marketplace Complete Guide
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Users can build, trade, and collect on JPG Store.

JPG Store is a Cardano NFT marketplace that allows users to create and discover artwork. As a leading marketplace on Cardano, JPG Store strives to support those artists, creators, and communities advancing the ecosystem and helping Cardano unleash its potential.


One notable project in the ever-changing NFT space is gaining traction, JPG Store on Cardano. JPG Store has witnessed a spike in trading volume in June this year and has stayed at a high volume mostly since then. This is strong evidence that the market is bullish on the Cardano ecosystem.

You may be interested in exploring other Cardano markets if you’re also bullish on Cardano’s NFT ecosystem. We compiled this list of Cardano’s top NFT marketplaces, and it helps you compare and find the one you like.

Without further ado, let’s dive into today’s topic and look at what JPG Store is.

What is JPG Store?

JPG store is a Cardano NFT marketplace that allows users to create, discover, and collect all kinds of artwork. By taking advantage of Cardano’s highly scalable, low-latency network, JPG Store can bring a smooth NFT experience to creators and collectors.

In addition, JPG Store has an inclusive community to support creators and educate them on the benefits of using the blockchain. 

The Cardano network has always had a sustainable and humanitarian vision at its core. As a member of the Cardano ecosystem, JPG Store is committed to such a mission, and 1% of the platform’s revenue goes directly to environmental causes.

Since Cardano has its own blockchain, users need to pay in specific tokens with specific wallets for using Cardano dapps. As a result, transactions on JPG Store must be paid with ADA, the native token of the Cardano network. NamiWallet, FlintWallet, GeroWallet, and EternlWallet are a few of the wallets used in this marketplace.

If you are a Cardano newbie and don’t know much about this blockchain, you can find an in-depth Cardano wallet comparison guide here. It will help you decide which wallet to choose. 

Read DappRadar’s ultimate guide about Cardano, a next-generation blockchain network compatible with Ethereum. 

How to create NFTs on JPG Store?

JPG Store currently allows users to  ‘’Create Single NFT’’, and the function to generate “Bulk & Large Collections” will be available soon. Minting NFTs on the marketplace is easy and takes only a few easy steps.

  1. First, look for ‘’Creators’’ on the top right of the website and click ‘’Create your Collection’’.
  2. Then you will be taken to the next page and choose ‘’Create Single NFT’ there.
  3. If you are creating an entirely new NFT that is not a part of any existing collection, choose ‘’Create new Policy ID’’. If it is already a current collection you want to add more artwork to, choose ‘’Add to existing Policy ID’’.
  4. In this step, you can personalize their collection, such as entering a catchy name, a short description, etc.’
  5. After everything is set up, then press the Save button, and you will be required to sign using your wallet password to complete the process. 

JPG Store has a Launchpad program to support creators, designers, and artists to create artwork and add value to the Cardano community.

The program offers a series of benefits to help creators get their projects off the ground. These include technical assistance, mentorship, marketing support, and more. Follow this link to learn more about the Launchpad program.

Here are some of the excellent works incubated by Launchpad.

JPG Store

How to sell NFTs on JPG Store?

You can sell and buy NFTs on JPG Store at any time and with a few clicks. However, to sell an NFT you own, you must first list it on the marketplace. 

Go to your profile, and under ‘’My NFTs,” you will see all the NFTs you own. Find the one you want to sell, click on the ‘’Sell NFT’’ button, enter the desired selling price and then hit ‘’Send listing’’. After confirming the password in your wallet, your NFT will be up for sale.

How to buy an NFT on JPG Store?

In the ”Marketplace” section of the site, you can find a wide variety of NFTs, from digital art to avatars. In addition, JPG Store offers an intuitive category view and advanced search features that allow users to define sorting, price range, and more.  

Once you have found an NFT you want to buy, click on ‘’Buy NFT”. Then you will need to sign the transaction with your wallet password to complete the purchase.

More than 300,000 digital assets on JPG Store are currently on sale. These NFTs are launched by various projects, communities, and artists, offering users a diverse range of utilities. Let’s take a look at some of the hottest projects.

Top collections on JPG Store

Pavia is an immersive, community-built virtual world where users can create, play, own, and earn. This utopian future world was created for the early Metaverse pioneers in the Cardano ecosystem to settle, build and thrive. Pavia aims to blend the fun of gaming and social networking with the new digital ownership paradigm of Web3. 

Users can now acquire Pavia land NFTs on JPG Store. 

JPG Store Pavia

Clay Nation is an expansive virtual environment with a joyful ambiance and a distinctive clay art style. The project is passionate about art and dedicates itself to building a Web3 art community. In the future, Clay Nation will open its doors and expand into hosting virtual and physical arts and culture events – accessible to both clay NFT and guest pass holders.

Clay Nation
Clay Nation

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The rise of JPG Store and Cardano NFT ecosystem is bound to bring diversity to the NFT field and enrich users‘ experience. However, as the multi-chain NFT ecosystem evolves, users will inevitably be overwhelmed by the massive amount of information.

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