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Growing from memecoin to dapp ecosystem

Dogechain is a Layer-2 blockchain network inspired by the ever-popular Dogecoin cryptocurrency, and powered by Polygon’s technology. Amidst the increasingly popular usability of Layer-2 networks, Dogechain has grown to become a sustainable option for developers looking to deploy dapps.

What is Dogechain? 

Dogechain isn’t built on top of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency Layer-1 network, but instead it’s a sidechain utilizing Polygon Edge technology. With Polygon deprecating Polygon Edge, Dogechain will transition into the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem, utilizing zero-knowledge proofs through Polygon CDK. 

This means that Dogechain will remain EVM-compatible, allowing the most popular dapps to deploy on the dog-themed blockchain. Dogechain will be among the first projects to use Polygon CDK, the chain development kit. In 2024, Dogechain can leverage the benefits of zk-rollups, which include enhanced scalability and faster transaction processing. 

Moreover, through the Polygon CDK and the vision of Polygon 2.0, Dogechain can tap into cross-chain functionalities not available before. 

Many fast, such cheap fees!

Dogechain utilizes the Proof-of-Stake consensus, which automatically means it doesn’t consume a lot of energy. Key partners run validator nodes which process and validate all transactions. This consensus mechanism allows for super fast and low cost transactions, giving the community the most value for their DOGE. 

Much wow. Why Dogechain? 

After years of serving as a memecoin without any real utility, the rise of accessible building tools allowed a group of Dogecoin holders to create Dogechain. 

Dogecoin holders can now use the Layer-2 solution, giving them access to NFTs, DeFi platforms and blockchain-powered games. This effort brings actual use cases to the Dogecoin community, aside from the transfer of value.

Explained: DC, DOGE and wDOGE

Dogecoin, or DOGE, is the memecoin with its own blockchain that we’ve seen making headlines for years now. Through a bridge (guide in the video below), users can deploy their DOGE into a smart contract to receive Wrapped DOGE, or wDOGE. Users can utilize wDOGE on the Dogechain to pay for NFTs or participate in DeFi, but also to pay for gas fees.

However, the native currency of Dogechain is the DC token. The Dogecoin community can use DC for governance over the ecosystem (veDC), staking and to pay for gas fees. So yes, there are two cryptocurrencies on one chain that can be used for gas fees. 

Keep in mind, the Multichain hack during 2023 caused some issues for the ERC-20 version of DC. The team has created a converter that allows DC holders on Ethereum to convert their tokens to DC on Dogechain. 

Such connection. Much wow! 

The developers made Dogechain completely EVM-compatible, which means that users can move their assets between EVM chains. Among those EVM-compatible chains, we find Polygon, BNB Chain, Ethereum, Avalanche and more. 

These bridges support Dogechain at the moment: 

Building on Dogechain

Dogechain is completely EVM-compatible, making it relatively easy to deploy an existing Ethereum or BNB Chain dapp onto Dogechain. As Dogechain integrates into Polygon 2.0, projects built on the dog-themed blockchain can leverage cross-chain services, for example making liquidity accessible across multiple ecosystems. 

Dapp developers should really be looking at Polygon 2.0, and this would benefit Dogechain as well. 

The biggest dapps in the ecosystem

At the time of writing, DappRadar does not track dapps on Dogechain. However, Dogechain supports DeFi dapps, NFT projects, DAOs, blockchain-powered games and other types of decentralized applications. 

Dogechain already hosts a variety of dapps in each of these product categories: 

  • Games – with Betfury, Cyber Arena and Dogebets, casino games are already there.
  • DeFiQuickSwap and Frax Finance are among the first established DeFi platforms.
  • NFTs – .doge domains, and meme NFTs like Doge Ape Yacht Club and Doge Dickbutts.

Closing words

Dogechain is positioning itself as a blockchain ecosystem for the DOGE community, and slowly more users and developers discover the way of the Doge. As Dogechain becomes part of the growing Polygon 2.0 ecosystem, we’re bound to see lots of innovation and value moving towards this growing L2 ecosystem. 

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