Crypto Unicorns Game Guide: How to Play and Earn

How to Play Win Earn Crypto Unicorns
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Imagine cute, fluffy unicorn on the Polygon blockchain that you can use to play and earn

Crypto Unicorns is one of the cutest blockchain games in Web3. This Polygon game allows players to breed Unicorns, craft and farm on their lands, and have fun with their friends while earning tokens. But what are the game modes and how can you actually earn tokens? Learn more about how to play this promising gaming dapp in the article below.


What is Crypto Unicorns?

Crypto Unicorns is a play-to-earn game living on the Polygon blockchain. A brainchild of Laguna Games, Crypto Unicorns features an adorable visual design and a play-to-earn ecosystem. The official game launched in May 2022, and its in-game NFTs quickly took over OpenSea on the Polygon blockchain.

As it’s a blockchain-based farming simulation game, players must acquire at least one Land NFT and one Unicorn NFT to start playing the game and reaping the rewards. Crypto Unicorn has two tokens, RBW and UNIM, to facilitate the game ecosystem. 

The successful launch

After launching, Crypto Unicorn quickly rose to become the number one game NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain by transaction volume. From the beginning of 2022, the volumes of the two primary in-game assets, Lands and Unicorns, increased steadily as the game got closer to its release date. From a data point of view, Unicorn NFTs accumulated an all-time volume of around $25 million until the week after the game launched. Land NFTs also had an impressive performance, recording an all-time volume close to $12 million in the same period. Since then, the hype cooled off, but the game’s main community remained loyal and resilient.

Crypto Unicorns gameplay explained

Although Crypto Unicorns started mainly as a farming simulation game, it is gradually evolving to more realms. For those who like these types of games, you can enjoy digital pet crafting and farming.

To start playing in this game mode, users will need to acquire a plot of Land and a Unicorn. The Land will be activated once players have a Unicorn on it. Therefore, these two NFTs are the essential assets to start the game. 

Jousting is another gameplay that adds fun and earning opportunities – where you can place your Unicorns in tournaments and win rewards.

Crypto Unicorns Jousting Gameplay

In June 2023, Crypto Unicorns further expanded into different game genres by launching Unicorn Party. Available on Android devices and web browsers, this multiplayer player-vs-player Battle Royale game series allows its audience to enjoy casual mobile games. What’s best, it doesn’t require players to hold NFTs to get started. You can try Bumper Corns now and glimpse this cute universe for free.

The in-game NFT collections

The cute Unicorns were live on Polygon as NFTs even before launching the game. Take a look below at the main NFTs used in the game:

Unicorn NFTs

Having your own Unicorn is essential in all kinds of gameplay, and it brings life to the Land. Initially, players can hatch their first unicorn from one of 10,000 Genesis Eggs. Since the Genesis Eggs were all sold out last November 2021, players can only buy hatched Unicorns on OpenSea and then can breed more with two Unicorns. 

Crypto Unicorns NFT

Each Unicorn has a set of genes that give them unique visual traits, battle stats, and core stats. These stats determine a Unicorn’s ability to compete in a particular type of mini-game to win rewards. So, for example, Jousting and Team RPG would use the battle stats, while Racing would use the Scores calculated by combining the core stats.

Land NFTs

The crafting and farming gameplay centers around the Land NFTs. There are four primary components on each Land, with each serving a unique function:  

  • Farm Slots – Where players can grow Class Berries, which are used for crafting.
  • Workshop – Where Unicorns work their magic to produce and craft Materials. Producing Materials requires the player to stake the Unicorn at the Workshop for some time. 
  • Nursery – Where players breed or evolve their Unicorns. This is also the place where new unicorns are born.
  • Stables – Where a player can see all their Unicorn NFTs and hold events such as parties in the future. Upgrading the Stables enables Unicorns to recover energy faster.
Crypto Unicorns Lands

Lands come in different rarities, meaning that rare lands can produce more. Lands can be divided into Common, Rare, and Mythic, rarity increasing in sequence. The rarer the Land, the higher the productivity and the more buffs. 

Crypto Unicorns tokenomics

Crypto Unicorn features a dual-token economy that facilitates the play-to-earn mechanics and breathes life into the whole ecosystem.

The RBW token

Rainbow Token (RBW), an ERC20 token with a total supply of 1,000,000,000, serves as the governance token in the Unicorn metaverse.

RBW holders can utilize these tokens in various ways, including evolving and breeding Unicorns, staking to vote on crucial governance decisions, and receiving RBW as rewards.

The UNIM token

Unicorn Milk (UNIM) is another ERC20 token in Crypto Unicorns’ ecosystem, also serving as a critical material for breeding and evolving Unicorns.

Players can earn this token by competing in various events and tournaments. When used in the breeding process, the UNIM token will be burned and thus removed from the supply. 

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