What is Crabada? New Play-to-Earn Game on Avalanche

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Earn CRA and TUS in this new play-to-earn game

A new idle play-to-earn game on the Avalanche network is climbing the gaming ranks on DappRadar this week. Set in an undersea world filled with fierce fighting Hermit-Crabs called Crabada. Players are invited to breed, lend, rent, and battle crabs represented by on-chain NFTs to earn cryptocurrencies with real value. 

Crabada has shot into the top 50 game dapps, having achieved an over 80% increase in the number of wallets connecting to the platform in the last 30 days. These wallets generated almost 2 million transactions through the dapps smart contracts. Looking at Crabada comparatively to other game offerings on Avalanche shows that the game has quickly found its feet despite being relatively new. 

Tokens in the Crabada ecosystem 

The Crabada ecosystem consists of three different tokens, each with its own use case. We’re talking about CRA, TUS, and CRAM.

  •  CRA is the governance token on the platform, which is rewarded via staking and playing the game during the incentive period. Before the launch of the idle game, CRA can be initially obtained through a Community Bootstrap Event or via a DEX after the Community Bootstrap Event. 
  • In addition, there’s TUS, the in-game currency. Players earn TUS by mining, looting, and lending crabs via the tavern. 
  • Finally, CRAM is an amulet earned through staking CRA, which can be used for in-game perks and exclusive rewards. 

How to earn TUS in Crabada

Using teams composed of three Crabada, players can play to earn the in-game currency, TUS. Additionally, 60,000,000 CRA are allotted as incentives for the idle game. These incentives will last for a minimum duration of 2 months and were distributed starting from the launch of the idle game. 

Crabada assets can be deployed into the various mines of the undersea world. Players must first form a Mining Party, composed of 3 Crabada. Next, players select a vacant mine and deploy their Mining Party. The Crabada then get to work and begin the process of mining treasure without any supervision required from players. By default, each Mining Expedition takes 4 hours and rewards 3.75 CRA and 303.75 TUS once completed. For more details, check out Scenarios and Daily Project Rewards.

Looting Missions

Crabada can also be deployed to loot a mine that another Mining Party is occupying. Players must first form a Looting Party consisting of 3 Crabada. Next, players select a mine that another player is mining and deploy their Looting Party. The Crabada will then begin engaging the Mining Party in combat. Each Looting Mission will take between 1 hour to 2.5 hours, depending on whether the Mining Party sends reinforcements to defend their mine.

Looting Missions are risky compared to mining, but the game rewards such risk-taking with a small bounty, regardless of the mission’s results. A Looting Party will earn a small bonus of 0.3 CRA and 24.3 TUS for each Looting Mission they participate in. A successful Looting Mission could result in stealing 65% of the Mining Party’s rewards, for a sum of 2.4375 CRA and 197.4375 TUS. An unsuccessful Looting Mission would steal none of the Mining Party’s rewards.

Lending & Hiring Mercenary Crabs 

Idle Crabada that are not mining or looting can still earn rewards by being deployed to the Tavern as mercenaries. This allows other short-staffed players to pay a fee to hire your Crabada as reinforcements. All Crabada are returned to the Tavern unharmed after a battle, regardless of the outcome. On the flip side, if a player needs reinforcements, they can hire a Crabada at a cost in TUS determined by the lender. The tavern charges a 10% fee. Notably, Crabs can only be employed as reinforcements for battle, not as part of a mining or Looting Party.

Crabada has its own NFT Marketplace 

Players can browse through listings of Crabada to buy and list their Crabada for sale.

Players sell Crabada by creating a listing with a specified asking price. Buyers can purchase Crabada by spending TUS from their wallets. Notably, the native currency for marketplace transactions is TUS tokens, and sellers are charged a 3.85% fee on completion of a transaction. 

What do you earn in Crabada? 

The platform’s play guide outlines some potential rewards based on how much time a player spends on the game performing mining expeditions. During these expeditions, a player could complete three missions at a low level or six at a high level. At the time of writing, 1 CRA is worth around $1.17, and 1 TUS is worth about $0.23.  

A moderate player can earn $8.70 in CRA and $141 in TUS when winning 50% of battles against looters based on today’s prices. Roughly double that for completing six mines per day. Importantly, players must check prices to ensure their in-game activity will be worth it. Rewards for looting expeditions are a bit higher, as mentioned, this is a riskier activity. 

Based on today’s prices, moderate players performing 12 loots per day with a 50% success rate could earn around $21 in CRA and approximately $339 in TUS. Arguably, more significant rewards are given in TUS as this is the token required by players to be used in the marketplace. 

Something fishy? 

As with most play-to-earn opportunities, the spoils are there for the early adopters. The more people that dive into the ecosystem, the fewer rewards will be on offer, but a complete game is formed for players as a result. 

The team at Crabada could have arguably seen the success of play-to-earn games such as DeFi Kingdoms on the Harmony network, who arguably hoovered up any gaming advocates on Harmony with the first play-to-earn offer. Offering ONE token holders more utility and staking on the Harmony network in a gamified way helped DeFi kingdoms put Harmony on the map. It appears something similar is now happening on Avalanche with Crabada

For a full play-to-earn guide head here. Head here to learn more about the game, tokenomics, the team behind it, and how to get involved. 

The above does not constitute investment advice. The information given here is purely for informational purposes only. Please exercise due diligence and do your research. The writer holds ETH, BTC, AGIX, HEX, LINK, GRT, CRO, OMI, IMMUTABLE X, ENS, GALA, AVASTR, GMEE, CUBE, RADAR, FLOW, FTM, BNB, SPS, WRLD, ATOM, and ADA.

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