What is Bullrun Babes?

bullrun babes explained

$5 million dollars in its first 24 hours!

The latest hype in the NFT collection craze is Bullrun Babes. These digital collectibles showcase female characters based on popular products or people within the blockchain space.

When buying these digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain, early adopters get the cheapest ones. The price of the Bullrun Babes increases the more there have been distributed. Buyers never know what they will get, as the smart contract completely randomizes the distribution. At the moment of writing the price already increased from 0.3 ETH to 1.21 ETH per collectible.

According to the DappRadar dapp tracker, 991 users have already acquired Bullrun Babes collectibles. The dapp recorded more than $5 million in transaction volumes in the past 24 hours at the time of writing.

Bullrun Babes Distribution

In total there are 8888 uniquely generated Bullrun Babes collectibles, coming in three different rarities: gold, diamond and rainbow. The distribution between these three is 86% for a gold card, 11% for a diamond card and 3% for a rainbow card. In addition there are 11 legend cards, and one of them comes with a physical collectible that can be redeemed by the owner of the NFT.

  • Cards 1 to 4200: 0.3 ETH to 5 ETH
  • Cards 4200 to 6969: 5 ETH to 10 ETH
  • Cards 6969 to 8880: 10 ETH
  • Last 8 cards: 88 ETH each

Players can acquire these collectibles by buying packs. In total 8118 cards are available through this sales method. In addition collectors can exchange ten gold cards for one diamond card. In that case the gold cards will be burned and the trader will receive their diamond card. This burn mechanism will be available for a limited time, until the supply of 770 cards runs out. Keep in mind, you can only trade up. So from gold to diamond, and from diamond to rainbow.

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