What is Bloktopia, and How to Play, Earn and Learn?

Bloktopia metaverse world guide

21 floors filled with education and entertainment for Web3 enthusiasts

Welcome to Bloktopia, an educational metaverse environment where crypto and Web3 enthusiasts can socialize, engage, earn, learn and have fun playing games. Learn everything there is to know about Bloktopia, its features, its tokenomics, and its earning and investment potential.  

What is Bloktopia? 

Bloktopia is a virtual environment, a skyscraper consisting of 21 different floors. On each level you can buy land parcels and decorate these as your own. Bloktopia positions itself as an educational and information platform for all things crypto, and has partnered with a wide variety of industry companies to make this idea come to life. 

Where to find more data on Bloktopia?

DappRadar allows dapp developers to add all their smart contracts to their product pages, giving the community insights into on-chain activity. You can find Bloktopia listed on DappRadar, and please notify the developers to keep their page updated.

How to own land in Bloktopia? 

Bloktopia regularly offers land sales. There are land parcels with different purposes, labeled as Reblok and Adblok. 

What is Reblok?

Real estate in Bloktopia is known as Reblok. Land owners can build anything they want, trade their land, or lease it for passive income opportunities. Reblok NFT holders will also have a strong vote in the DAO, the organization which governs the Bloktopia ecosystem.

So, what is Adblok then?

Bloktopia is an educational hub, but there’s also space for advertisement. That’s where Adblok comes into play. These special spots will be used for ads, and a share of the ad revenue will go back to the Blocktopia token holders. 

What is the Bloktopia token?

Bloktopia uses BLOK as its native token, and its available on centralized and decentralized exchanges, such OKX and QuickSwap. BLOK is used for governance purposes, but also for transactions within the Bloktopia ecosystem, including upgrades real estate and purchasing items.  

On what blockchain does the Bloktopia platform work? 

Bloktopia uses the Polygon blockchain for its NFTs, while the native BLOK token exists on Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum etc.

What partnerships does Bloktopia have?

At the moment of writing various brands and companies have acquired land in Bloktopia. Among them we find Web3 and crypto companies such as Kucoin, Elrond, Enjin, Binance NFT, Solana, Animoca Brands and Polygon, but also media and influencers such as Cointelegraph, Jake Paul, Bitboy Crypto and Coinmarketcap. 

How to play or visit Bloktopia? 

At the moment Bloktopia isn’t open yet to the public.

Can I play Bloktopia for free?

When Bloktopia opens up to the public, it will be a freely accessible virtual environment to learn more about Web3 and crypto. 

What can I do in Bloktopia? 

Users can come and play games, socialize, or educate themselves. 

Can I build in Bloktopia? 

The idea is that Bloktopia will offer simple building tools for everybody to create scenes, artworks, challenges and more. Users or organizations can even set up challenges with prizes. In addition, there will be an SDK for more experienced content creators, allowing deeper tools to create social games or add applications to Bloktopia. 

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