How to Play and Win: Avalon

how to play avalon game

The RPG fantasy open world where players can raid, battle and earn

The Avalon Alpha has opened to gold pass holders, so now’s the time to take a look at the game and find out the best ways to play it. Inside this fantasy realm with complex lore and legendary characters, you move through an Arthurian world, carrying out raids, building guild networks and owning land.


As with all blockchain games, Avalon has multiple layers to it. You can play the game as a straight game and enjoy it just for the fun of it. Alternatively, you can go down the earning route, which involves concentrating on land ownership, digital asset trading and finding the best times to buy and sell your tokens.

Avalon gameplay teaser

What is Avalon?

Avalon is a blockchain-based fantasy MMORPG developed by Danu Games that combines elements of games like Assassin’s Creed with the team-building spirit of Destiny. Avalon features a stylized, hand-crafted and painted environment, created by artists who’ve spent years perfecting the intricate details of the world.

In Avalon, players can explore a decentralized world and interact with other players using their digital assets.They can earn, trade, and use NFTs to advance in the game and unlock new features.

The game is built on Ethereum but is available across the following blockchains:

  • Polygon
  • WAX
  • BNB Chain

Avalon was developed using Unreal Engine 5, allowing for the possibility of a future launch on consoles like the PlayStation 5.

How to get started in the game

  1. Get a Web3 wallet and load up on MATIC

MATIC, the token for the Polygon blockchain, is necessary for buying in-game items and NFTs. 

  1. Get a Gold, Silver or Emerald pass

Put one of these jeweled passes inside your Web3 wallet so that you can connect to the game.

  1. Go to the Avalon Discord

The game access download link is posted in the game’s Discord server. You can’t play a full version of the game but this Avalon Alpha test is the next best thing.

Once the full game launches…

To progress through the game, players must rank up their characters or buildings, starting at the lowest level. Some characters will be available as NFTs for purchase, while others will be free for players with a Game Pass to use. These free characters cannot be resold once they are leveled up.

Players can unlock new areas of the kingdom by completing quests or developmental tasks. For example, to increase the level of their Forge building, the blacksmith must sell a certain number of armors to other players.

How to play and win Avalon

Avalon as a gamer

Every player in Avalon starts at the bottom. The aim of the game is to rank up your characters and buildings to progress through the game.


The majority of quests are in single-player mode. Leveling up, resource allocation, and lower-level collectible NFTs are some of the rewards on offer. But rewards are limited, and you need to work hard for them.

You can take part in weekly and monthly raids with your avatars for interesting rewards and large bonuses, like the Mythic Grand Inquisitor seen below, will be among the most profitable assets.

The Grand Inquisitor

Free to play gamers can participate in daily quests, and earn limited tokens. But to earn the really big rewards, you’ll need to buy into the game with your own resources and time.


Raiding can be an extremely lucrative way to earn rewards and progress in Avalon. You’ll require teams of five to six players to go on raids. Raids are only available to the most skilled, well-equipped players who own characters as NFTs.

In order to participate in raids and get in-game rewards like NFTs, Resources, MATIC, or WAX tokens, you’ll need to establish a strong team to vanquish the enemy.

Avalon as an earner

Get land

The main way to earn profits in Avalon without playing the game is to build up your property. As we’ll see below, land generates value in a number of ways. And Avalon has an extensive taxation system that ensures tokens and rewards arrive in landowners’ hands when people perform actions within their property.

Buy and sell in-game NFTs

To be a full player in Avalon, you’ll need an NFT character. So they’re hot property and, if the game grows and becomes more popular, there will be more demand for them.

You can also sell Dragon Egg NFTs. These rare items are difficult to get and give players a dragon of their own. You can go on quests to get one, and then trade it on the open market.

Additionally, you can buy and sell land for a profit. So if you have a piece of property in a great location, it may be worth selling at the right price.

What makes Avalon innovative?

Land and buildings

In the game, land can produce value in a number of different ways, such as through a taxing system that creates tokens from all of the transactions that take place there.

Castles and towns will probably develop into the centers of the guilds and popular destinations for numerous players, creating a significant amount of value and activity. The more gamers in Avalon, and on your land, the more its value will increase over time.

There numerous types of buildings and properties in Avalon:

  • Huts, Homes and Farms
  • Temples and Villages
  • Castles and Kingdoms
  • Harbors
  • Portals
  • Stables
  • Forges
  • Windmills


There are two main NFTs in Avalon, the Grand Inquisitor and the Templar Grand Master.

The Grand Inquisitor

The Grand Inquisitor is a villainous character in the kingdom of Avalon. He is the brother of the Templar Grand Master and is known as the most powerful dark mage in the kingdom. He comes from Rome with the intention of imposing his power on those deemed heretics. 

His primary task is to hunt and eliminate Druids and their magic. Despite being a nefarious character, the Grand Inquisitor is a powerful ally in multiplayer raids. According to legend, he even has the ability to tame fire-breathing dragons.

The Grand Inquisitor’s powers

The Templar Grand Master

The Templar Grand Master is a powerful and enlightened character in the kingdom of Avalon. He is the brother of the Grand Inquisitor and is the only knight capable of using heavy weapons and performing acts of magic.

He arrived at Avalon from Portugal with a group of Templars to fortify the area and investigate the whereabouts of Druids. He is considered a highly valuable ally in multiplayer raids. According to legend, he can even tame and ride ice-breathing dragons.

The Templar Grand Master’s powers

Playing and earning

Avalon is a game that allows players to earn AVL tokens through various means. One way to earn AVL tokens is by owning in-game land and collecting sales taxes.

In this system, the tax rate is 10%, with 3% going to the Avalon treasury, 4% paid to the local landlord, and 3% paid to the Castle landlord (king of the island). Landlords and kings can also set up tax-free zones to boost the local economy.

Another way to earn AVL tokens is by completing in-game quests or participating in multiplayer raids. These activities can earn players AVL tokens or rare NFTs.

Finally, players can earn AVL tokens by owning and trading goods from manufacturing and hospitality buildings. These buildings also allow players to craft rare NFTs.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the kingdom economy and detailed land tax systems will be described in future versions of the white paper. Additionally, land and buildings have income and rarity levels, with 10 being the highest and one being the lowest.

Taxation explained

Free-to-play scholarships

The game will not have a traditional free-to-play option, but will instead offer a scholarship program for players who do not have sufficient financial resources. This program will allow players to “lease” assets from NFT owners and share profits with them.

Each NFT building will have the option to include eight scholar accounts, and building owners can set their own income sharing rates for resource gathering. Miners, who gather resources for the building owner, cannot be traded or upgraded.

What’s on the Avalon roadmap?

The roadmap for Avalon is extensive and continues well into 2024, where tournaments, CEX token listings, mobile apps and Oculus VR interior releases suggest the game’s developers have big plans for the future.

For 2023, there’s still plenty to get excited about. Some of the highlights include:

  • Oculus VR interiors demo
  • Immutable X and Hedera Chain integration
  • First Kingdom Land sale
  • Weekly raids beta test
  • First Kingdom release

All of this will be backed up by a fully detailed white paper which will give loads more information on how all of this will be achieved. From the outside, it seems that Avalon’s creators are going about the development of this game in all the right ways.

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