What is ACryptoS: A Simple Explanation

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Advanced yield farming strategies with safety as priority

ACryptoS is a DeFi project based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). The platform is designed and aimed at longer-term investors looking for sustainable tokenomics, safety, and careful risk management. With vaults and farms, ACryptoS offers users a yield farming optimizer, while ACSI Finance provides a decentralized exchange, with a StableSwap specifically for stablecoins.

The team at ACryptoS state that it was an intentional decision not to try and attract the “hot” money, chasing the highest yields and latest hyped degen projects. Instead, ACryptoS wants to target “smart” money. For example, people who are willing to show more commitment to a project, people who want to farm tokens with utility and sustainable value. 

ACryptoS is designed to be sustainable, long-term & safe, and it has been audited 4 times:

How it works 

ACryptoS offers three products:

  1. ACS Vaults (Yield Optimizer)
  2. ACSI.Finance (Decentralized Exchange/AMM)
  3. ACSI StableSwap (Stablecoin DEX)

Farms are the place where the platform distributes the native tokens of ACryptoS: ACS and ACSI. Once users deposit assets into one of the above products, they have the option to stake into the corresponding farms. ACS Vault farms will yield ACS, and ACSI LP farms will yield ACSI as a reward. ACS and ACSI holders can further stake their farmed tokens to enjoy up to 2.5x APY Boost in farms, receive a share of all platform fees, and are able to take part in governance.


StableSwap is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol based on Curve’s specialized algorithm tailored for stable coins. It allows users to trade between BUSD, USDT, DAI, USDC, UST, VAI, etc. ACryptoS was the first AMM for stable coins based in BSC, offering users faster and significantly cheaper trading than on the Ethereum exchanges.

ERC-20 Tokens can be crossed over easily from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain via the Binance Bridge. This is good to know as StableSwap claims to provide token swaps at a 10x cheaper rate than Ethereum exchanges and with 100x less slippage when trading stable coins compared to the various Uniswap-inspired AMMs available.

ACSI Finance

ACryptoS is the first in BSC to bring in a DEX based on Balancer V2. With the latest and highly efficient code, it is able to bring down gas costs significantly. Also the first in BSC, it allows liquidity pools up to 8 tokens with varying weights, while Uniswap-based AMMs only allow 2 tokens with 50-50 weight. ACSI Finance claims that these pools with a higher number of tokens are able to help users diversify their LPs, reducing their impermanent loss.

Safety first

Most importantly, ACryptoS deploys vaults only on PancakeSwap, Venus, MDEX and Swipe Swap. The rationale behind so few is that while the 4+ digit APYs of the newest hyped projects can be very tempting, ACryptoS made a decision not to go down that path. 

The team states that “When evaluating a project to farm on, we ask ourselves — where does the yield come from? Is it sustainable? What value is being created by this project? Is there any longevity? When there is no clear answer, the project is likely a pure-farm/ponzi/degen play — we don’t see much value in creating Vaults for those, and they are also inherently risky. Which leads to the most important reason — SAFETY.”

When farming on other projects’ smart contracts, not only do users need to audit and ensure the code is safe, they also need to audit and ensure that all the underlying projects’ code is safe. When user funds were stuck in PancakeSwap due to the SYRUP exploit, ACryptoS got theirs unstuck in a few hours while others were stuck for days. When Venus issued its 0.01% redemption fee and other platforms lost user funds, it showed more clearly why ACryptoS may be on to something.

In the initial months of BSC, the platform also had the first Vaults on Venus 3 weeks before anyone else. Furthermore, even when competitors came out with Venus vault strategies , ACryptoS’s code is still more efficient and achieves 5X lower gas costs and 25% higher yields. 

ACryptoS in Summary 

In a nutshell, ACryptoS chooses to partner with the largest and most established projects on Binance Smart Chain and the ones closely tied to or supported by Binance. In doing so, the application can offer high yields while ensuring a focus on safety.

Useful ACryptoS links:

Docs: https://docs.acryptos.com

Telegram: https://t.me/acryptos9

Twitter: https://twitter.com/acryptosdao 

Medium: https://acryptos.medium.com

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/ACryptoS

App: https://acryptos.com

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