What is a TRON dapp?

TRON dapp

Tron Dapps and why this is just the beginning

Tron is nothing more than yet another smart contracting blockchain like Ethereum, EOS, or Waves. Unlike Ethereum or EOS, Tron’s purpose is to create a decentralized network to serve the entertainment sector. 

Through their platform, users can share content easily and cheaply. Decentralized applications that run from the Tron blockchain are called Tron Dapps. And thanks to the irresistible incentives offered by the Tron Foundation, the Singapore-based non-profit organization that promotes Tron, and the marketing genius in Justin Sun, the co-founder, hundreds of dapps operate from the decentralized network. 

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Justin Sun was the former representative of Ripple China before introducing the Tron ecosystem in September 2017, that is when China decided to ban ICOs and trading of Bitcoin.

Tron Layers and Development Phases

There are three main layers in Tron:

  1. Storage Layer: For storing wallet blocks, states storages and more
  2. Core Layer: This layer is programmed by amongst other common programming languages, C++. This is the smart contracting layer from where Consensus is safeguarded and where accounts are managed.
  3. Development Layer: This is the dapp developer playfield. From this layer, dapps can be built or customized and successfully deployed. 

These are the main development phases of Tron:

  • Exodus–a free peer-to-peer network for content storage and distribution
  • Odyssey–a phase that will leverage the powers of the Tron blockchain. Here the aim is to promote the use of Tron as a content and hosting platform.
  • The Great Voyager and Apollo phases are scheduled for 2020 and mid-2021 respectively and will allow Tron content creators to hold ICOs.
  • Star Trek and Eternity scheduled for 2023 and late 2025 will further open up the space allowing users to build iGames and raise funds.

As of Q2 2019, Justin Sun announced that there were 2.5 million unique addresses. It indicates the rate at which Tron was pluralizing thanks in part to the network’s three main features and distinction from Ethereum: Scalability, low transaction fees, and high speed. 

Combined, these three could be the reason behind the noticeable progress. At block height 15410720, there were 895 online nodes, and the network was processing 10 transactions every second. Also, there were 4311175 unique addresses from where 1073067 had been processed the previous day.

Main Dapp Categories

Within the Tron ecosystem, dapps are broadly categorized into Games, Gambling, Collectibles, and Exchanges. In total, there are 340 dapps governed by 958 smart contracts drawing 7.37k daily active users generating total daily volumes of 15,991,140 TRXs.

TRON dapp

Expectedly, Games and Gambling dapps are the most active. At the time of writing, there were 155 dapps that serve the gaming industry, 128 dedicated to Gambling, 24 decentralized exchanges, 8 collectibles and 96 that are unclassified. According to our statistics, 90% of all the top 10 dapps serve the Gambling industry while TronTrade is the only decentralized exchange that features in the top 10. WINk is the most active Gambling dapp attracting 1,496 users. In the last day, it generated $1,875,394 in daily volumes from 186,786 transactions.

TRON dapp
WINk all-time user and volume data

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