What are Curio Cards, and Why Do These NFTs Matter

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Christie’s announcement boosts trading volume to $13 million in the past 24 hours

The NFT collection Curio Cards seems like an odd duck between the various avatar NFT projects, but there’s a reason why trading NFTs for this project is on fire. Curio Cards is among the oldest NFT projects on the Ethereum blockchain, and will soon go under the hammer at Christie’s.

With $13,27 million dollars in trading volume over the past 24 hours, Curio Cards reached the top ten NFT collections on DappRadar. Trading volume is up 93% compared to the day before.

Curio Cards isn’t a one hit wonder as the project’s life-time sales reached more than $43 million. This puts Curio Cards on par with The Sandbox, and right behind Decentraland. 

Curio Cards history

Curio Cards NFTs have been around since May 2017. These digital cards represent an online art show and permanent gallery. The complete set consists of 30 cards made by 7 different artists. Each card has its own limited supply. For example, card #26 has 111 copies, while cards 7 to 13 each have 2,000 copies. 

This makes Curio Cards one of the oldest NFT collections on the Ethereum blockchain. Like CryptoPunks and MoonCats it predates the ERC-721 token standard that hit the market by the end of 2017. CryptoKitties introduced the token standard.

On October 1st, the Curio Cards NFT series will have a big moment, as a full set of 30 Curio Cards, including the rare number 17b, will go on auction at Christie’s. Curator Naoh Davis confirmed this earlier this week on Twitter.

NFTs from the CryptoPunks collection, even though not the very first NFT projects, are currently selling for hundreds of thousands of dollars. MoonCats have also seen a boost in trading activity, similar to Curio Cards. With the auction at Christie’s coming up, Curio Cards seemingly is getting more attention from NFT collectors.

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