Whale Alert: DeFi Whale Spent $690.000 on 3 CryptoPunks

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NFTs continue to grow in price and awareness

The anonymous DeFi whale 0x_b1 has purchased three zombie CryptoPunks for a combined value of more than $690.000. He acquired the three punks from one seller for 130 ETH each. 

A whale is someone with lots of purchasing power in the crypto and blockchain space. 0x_b1 became internet famous in the DeFi world after he accumulated 500 million dollars in value through yield farming, staking, lending, and other decentralized finance services.

The anonymous wallet owner recently became active on Twitter and shifted his focus towards NFTs. Especially digital collectibles and artworks have gotten their interest. 

Data from the DappRadar portfolio tracker shows that DeFi whale 0x_b1 owns ten CryptoPunks at the moment of writing. These are estimated to have a total value of more than 823 thousand dollars.

What are these valuable CryptoPunks?

CryptoPunks are popular digital collectibles made by Larva Labs. These were the first NFTs on the market, and they were free to claim when they launched in 2017. The market for NFTs has grown a lot since then. Last year the NFT market has seen 226 percent more daily activity. In the first month of this year the Ethereum blockchain saw their NFT trading volume grow 10 times to 33 million dollars, according to the January Dapp Industry Report by DappRadar. Learn more about NFTs here.

The value of these digital collectibles has only increased over time. In the Spring of 2020 some punks sold for five figure numbers, and right now they are approaching the one million dollar mark.

Recently an alien punk sold for 747 thousand dollars, becoming the most expensive punk ever sold. Currently, there are bids of one million dollars or more, but these haven’t been accepted yet. 

Do you own CryptoPunks? Curious about their value? Take a look at the DappRadar NFT Valuation Estimator, which is currently tailored for CryptoPunks.

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