WAX-based NFT collections attract more users


KOGs announces limited edition packs

WAX-based NFT collections have seen remarkable growth in volume and the number of unique active users in the past week. According to DappRadar data, several top collections on Wax, including KOGs, Splinterlands, and Colonize Mars, have experienced a significant push in numbers. 

Splinterlands, one of the most popular WAX-based NFT collections, saw volume on the platform jump more than 112% to $11,650. Interestingly, the number of active users dropped, which means that Splinterland NFTs generally sold for higher prices in the past week.

Other collections benefiting from an increase in activity include Alien Worlds and Colonize Mars. Alien Worlds saw more than a hundred percent boost in unique active wallets interacting with its smart contracts. However, the volume on the platform decreased. Even so, the number of transactions is on the rise, with a 31.65% increase. 

Colonize Mars is performing even better with increases in metrics across the board. The number of active users rose by more than 60% to 2,621. This spike in users also boosted the volume by an impressive 84%. 

All of these NFT collections are tied to blockchain-based gaming experiences, which might explain why the increases in users are so significant. Game-related collectible NFTs have increased usability, contributing to the rise in popularity of the platforms mentioned above. However, there is one WAX-based NFT collection experiencing stellar increases over the past week. Take a look at what is happening with KOGs.

Wax-based KOGs skyrockets

Among the numerous examples of increased attention towards Wax-based NFT collections, one clearly stands out. KOGs, a collection of limited, easily transferable non-fungible tokens (NFTs) powering an ecosystem of interoperable video games, has been performing remarkably well. In the last 48 hours, the platform launched an exclusive third edition of the collection which made stats skyrocket.

According to DappRadar data, over the past twenty-four hours, KOGs smart contracts processed more than $1000 in volume, representing a 5,314% increase. The number of transactions also increased by more than 45,970% to 18,890. Of course, this heightened activity over the past 24 hours is predominantly due to the limited 12-hour sale of third edition NFTs. While a volume of $1000 for 24 hours might not seem too impressive, keep in mind that traditionally a pack of KOGs NFTs goes for between $5 and $25. 

Despite the huge event, KOGs has been performing steadily in the past week. Increases in both the number of unique active wallets and the number of transactions speak of increased interest in the platform overall.

WAX-based NFT collections are gaining traction among big competitors like Aavegotchi, F1 Delta Time, and CryptoVoxels. We will continue monitoring the development of this trend and DappRadar data on WAX-based collections, so stay tuned.

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