WAX and Amazon Web Services to Enable Gaming Sidechains

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Amazon Managed Blockchain service now supports WAX’s suite of Web3 tools

WAX and Amazon Web Services joined forces to make launching side chains and testnets possible with just a few clicks. The collaboration needs to enable developers to effortlessly add Web3 functionality to their games and services. 

The collaboration between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and WAX allows customers to spin up an open-source Chain Development Kit, and launch a chain that connects to the WAX network. Through this service developers can build dapps on both public and private blockchains, offering instant and serverless access to various decentralized networks. 

This saves developers the effort of deploying their own node manually, as they can deploy their nodes with a couple of clicks in the AWS console. After this simple deployment, developers can use their WAX nodes to build on the WAX blockchain on both mainnet and supported testnets.

Being able to deploy an API node with just a few clicks is a major win for developers. This includes a full history node, allowing services to gather historical data. Moreover, developers can deploy their own test chain, and in the future this partnership between WAX and AWS will allow developers to deploy their own sidechains. 

WAX full development suite 

Deploying a node is one thing, but developers also need to have access to tools and development solutions. Thankfully WAX offers studios and companies access to a full suite of tools aimed at streamlining the development process. This includes access to services like Cloud Wallet, single-sign-on (SSO) and OAUTH, a native random number generation service, a developer portal, a cross-chain bridge, and a blockchain explorer.

In addition, as an Amazon Solutions Provider, the team at WAX offers developers plenty of guides to help developers navigate through all the intricacies of Web3 development. This partnership also allows Web2 builders to implement decentralized elements into their projects.

Collaboration an extension of existing relationship

This is not the first time WAX and Amazon have worked together. Recently the NFT battle game Brawlers became part of Amazon Prime Gaming, placing the blockchain game alongside blockbusters like Call of Duty: Warzone, League of Legends and Apex Legends. Gamers can receive exclusive in-game items for Brawlers through their WAX accounts, including a complete set of in-game cards, themed around various holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and Halloween. 

WAX already home for gaming

WAX positions itself as an ecosystem for gaming, ecommerce and digital collectibles. It’s home to the strategy space metaverse Alien Worlds, the competitive battle game Brawlers and music tycoon game Music Mogul. But in the realm of collectibles, projects like Funko and Topps stand out. At the moment over 140 Web3 game development teams use WAX as a foundation for their projects. The leading NFT marketplace is AtomicHub, which currently has approximately 66% market share with almost $1 million in NFT trades in the past 30 days. 

According to data from DappRadar, over 664,190 active wallets interact with dapps on WAX on a monthly basis. This does not include wallet-to-wallet actions, which pushes the number towards 2 million wallets. These wallets do over 300 million transactions per month, of which 141 million relate to dapp activity.

Closing words

With the collaboration between Amazon Web Services and WAX, it looks like a new era has started for Web3 gaming. Easier than ever before, developers gain access to ways to add Web3 components into their games. Moreover, they can deploy a testnet or sidechain with just a few clicks. 

Curious to learn more about Web3 game development on WAX?

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