Vox Collectibles Reach $7.79M in Trading Volume in 7 Days

Vox Collectibles Reach $7.79M in Trading Volume in 7 Days

Gala Games announces upcoming Mirandus Vox collection

Gala Games’ first NFT drop, Vox Collectibles, has had a tremendously successful week, boosting its trading volume to over $7.79 million. The Town Star themed NFT characters have attracted 190% more traders, as the floor price for the collection kept rising. 

Vox Collectibles made a big splash among Gala Games fans, especially those playing Town Star. The collection consists of 8,888 character NFTs and launched in August this year. The initial mint price for a Vox Collectibles NFT was 0.0888 ETH. 

However, just several months later, the cheapest Vox NFT sells for 1 ETH on secondary markets. That’s a hefty gain for anyone who minted one of these cute Town Star character NFTs. Notably, the average selling price for a Vox NFT also keeps rising. In the past week alone, it jumped 77% and now approaches the $8000 mark. 

Aside from looking cute, these avatars also come with additional utility. Gala Games is working on a Vox world where users can socialize. In addition, NFT owners can place their Town Star Vox NFTs in the farming game, which will provide them with a boost in play-to-earn earnings. The rarity of a Vox character determines how many TOWN tokens someone gets.

Attention towards the collection might have been pushed by the recent streak of Gala Games announcements. Last week, DappRadar reported that the game platform would launch a dedicated Town Star Node, allowing players to become node operators. This news, combined with the surge in valuation of the platform’s native token GALA the past seven days, pushes interest for all Gala Games products. In addition, Town Star’s native TOWN token also quadrupled in value.

Gala Games announces Mirandus Vox Collectibles

As the first edition of Vox Collectible keeps gaining momentum, Gala Games has announced that a second Vox drop is coming soon. Dedicated to the upcoming MMORPG Mirandus, the collection will allow traders to bag a Mirandus character NFT.

Importantly, this drop will differ slightly from the Town Star one. To get your hands on a Mirandus Vox Box, collectors will need GALA tokens and ETH. The sale will be hosted on the official Gala Games store, and the main trading currency will be GALA tokens. According to the official announcement, the team has decided to host the drop on the Gala platform to reduce gas fees for buyers. 

Aside from the difference in the marketplace, another important mechanic Gala Games will introduce is a ticket system. Instead of purchasing boxes straight away, players will have to buy a ticket, which can later be redeemed for a Mirandus Vox NFT. 

The official Mirandus Vox Collectibles drop will happen on December 6th, on the official gala Games store, so stay tuned. 

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus, one of the most anticipated projects Gala Games, is about to be released. A full-on blockchain-based MMORPG, Mirandus has captivated gamers for months now. Player ownership of in-game assets is a central mechanic for Mirandus. 

Gala Games has already released land deeds and character NFTs in anticipation of the game’s official launch. Impressively, the cheapest Mirandus land deed on the Gala Games store currently costs upwards of 15 million GALA, or about $5.85 million. 

While hype and FOMO for the Mirandus game are building up, for the moment, Gala Games has only announced an upcoming playtest version. The playtest Mirandus will launch sometime in December. However, to participate, players will need Mirandus Exemplar NFTs. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring the Gala Games ecosystem. Gala Games is on an ambitious road to conquer both the NFT space and the gaming side of the blockchain world. To learn more about Gala Games, Vox Collectibles, and the platform’s native token GALA, check out the links below. 

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