Virtual Real Estate in High Demand – Top 10 NFT Sales

Top 10 NFT Sales 24-30 may

Someone paid $709,020 for land in Decentraland

In the past week demand for virtual land has seen a significant boost, thanks to several land sale events and premium NFT purchases. One estate in Decentraland sold for $709,020, making it the second most expensive NFT from last week. 

We can still consider CryptoPunks the gold standard for NFTs, as the pixelated characters keep dominating the Top 10 NFT Sales on DappRadar. However, with entries for Decentraland and The Sandbox, we see a clear demand for virtual real estate. There have been several land sale events, attracting thousands of gamers and investors who spent millions on a digital plot of land.

Last week The Sandbox organized a new land sale, boosting its trading volume 334% to more than $1,24 million. During that same time period Decentraland doubled its trading volume to $1,22 million. 

Furthermore, trading card game Dark Country is expanding its gameplay mechanics with virtual land. On Saturday they organized a land sale on the Wax blockchain, boosting their trading volume 2113% to more than $765,350. 

A few days earlier the upcoming online role playing game Ember Sword had their first land sale event. They had some technical problems, but managed to sell their 11,788 land plots nonetheless for roughly $1,5 million in revenue. 

Top 10 NFT Sales – May 24-30

  1. CryptoPunks – punk 2424 – $783,970 / 325 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  2. Decentraland – Premium Estate – $709,020 / 759,360 MANA – buyer’s wallet
  3. CryptoPunks – punk 1162 – $309,450 / 119,99 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  4. Hackatao – VR Girl – $296,550 / 115 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  5. CryptoPunks – punk 8562 – $248,160 / 105 ETH – buyer’s wallet *
  6. CryptoPunks – punk 843 – $234,010 / 102,99 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  7. Autoglyphs – glyph 189 – $207,010 / 82,5 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  8. CryptoPunks – punk 3824 – $180,530 / 70 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  9. XCOPY – Five Eyes – $178,750 / 70 ETH – buyer’s wallet
  10. The Sandbox 12×12 Estate – $177,770 / 551,250 SAND – buyer’s wallet

There are a couple of things to point out in this top 10. First of all, CryptoPunk 8562 sold twice this week, and we’ve only listed the highest of these sales. The seller managed to take a profit of 4 ETH, or approximately $10,000, within one hour after purchasing the punk.

Also notable are the two NFT artworks in this list. Both XCOPY and Hackatao are considered pioneers in the crypto space. They’ve been making NFT art long before it was hot and trending, and therefore their works increase in value. It’s within the line of expectations that we’ll see their works among the top NFT sales a lot more in the coming months.

Axie Infinity still on top

Last week DappRadar already reported on the trading activity within the Axie Infinity community. Now that their entire game economy runs on the Ronin sidechain, players can trade without paying gas fees. As a result sales increased 48% last week to 43,804 sold NFTs, while the volume increased 51,8% to more than $10,46 million. At the moment Axie Infinity outperforms regular top performers like CryptoPunks and NBA Top Shot.

However, aside from the virtual worlds Bored Ape Yacht Club has actually been a top performer over the past 7 days. The NFT collection increased its trading volume 224% to more than $2,43 million. New community developments that would provide utility to the digital collectibles boost confidence among collectors that Bored Apes could be a good long-term investment.

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