Venly MetaRing: Your Cross-Metaverse Pass

Venly MetaRing allows users to move across different virtual lands, platforms and games

The Venly MetaRing NFT gives users access to a seamless cross-project metaverse experience. A significant drawback in the traditional video game field is the inability to interact between projects. Venly is introducing the MetaRing to equip users with a barrier-free, cross-platform metaverse experience.

The metaverse boom has been attracting big brands to seek their next fortune there. From tech giants like Meta to fashion brands like Louis Vuitton, the name list goes on. The metaverse undoubtedly is the next big technology trend. According to Bloomberg Intelligence, the global metaverse market could approach $800 billion in 2024.

The most widely accepted view is that a single corporation won’t be able to build and maintain the whole metaverse. The future metaverse is a virtual world with a new economic ecosystem. It requires different types of innovative companies to participate in the process of building the metaverse. 

With the same vision outlined, Venly is introducing the MetaRing, equipping users with a barrier-free, cross-platform metaverse experience.

What is Venly MetaRing

In the traditional video game world, it is impossible for users to interact between different games. This is a significant drawback that has existed for a long time in this field. The in-game assets and gaming experiences of the user are often locked within the project platform itself. Believers see the metaverse as the solution  for a cross-project virtual experience. Venly is one of the earliest practionists for these types of  expectations. 

Being blockchain agnostic, Venly keeps its products as flexible as possible. At present, the team has formed collaborations with big names in the blockchain space, such as Polygon, Binance, Avalanche and Hedera. It means that with the MetaRing, users will be able to experience the metaverse across different virtual lands, platforms and games hosted on those platforms. In addition, the Ring offers unique benefits and unlocks special in-game utilities and gives NFT owners early access. With the MetaRing, a seamless metaverse experience and exclusive privileges are both within users’ reach. Currently, Venly has joined partnerships with 14 worlds such as The Sandbox, Vulcan Forged, House of Kibaa, Aavegotchi and TGC.World. 

MetaRing Origin and Buying Process

MetaRing Origin is the first MetaRing released for sale. The project will add other types of rings in the future. It’s worth noticing that there will be only 1,000 MetaRing Origins as the supply of every edition has an upper limit. The price for a single unit is $1,000. The majority of the supply (900 MetaRings or 90%) will be up for sale on the Venly Market. As for the availability, it will be on a first-come-first-served basis to Venly Discord members only.

How to purchase

The MetaRing Origin will be available for purchase on March 3rd at 1:30pm CET on the Venly Market. The following steps will guide you through a smooth purchase process. If you have already signed up with Venly, please skip to 3:

  1. Join the Venly Discord
  2. Visit either the Venly Wallet or Venly Market to create an account
  3. Log in to the Venly Market
  4. Add USDC on Ethereum to your marketplace balance using this guide. (!) Note adding funds to your Venly Wallet is not the same as adding funds to your Marketplace Balance. These are separate processes. 
  5. Buy the Venly MetaRing via the link on the Venly Discord announcement channel
  6. Once you have it in your inventory you can also sell it on the market

Shortcut to FAQ

About Venly

Venly is a blockchain technology provider creating tools and products to help companies benefit from blockchain technology. The global vision is to build both developer-friendly products and an intuitive interface for end-users. At the center of everything lies simplicity, prime UX and top-level security.

The has been recognised as a digital pioneer and delivers groundbreaking innovation to companies such as Atari, Ubisoft, Bondly, Shopify and other industry leaders.

The products and services offered by Venly include Venly Wallet, Venly Market, NFT tools and Shopify NFT app.  

Website | Venly market | Venly wallet | Twitter | Discord | LinkedIn

Learn more about Venly MetaRing through the links below:

Website | Twitter | Instagram | Discord

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