Vela Exchange to Amplify Liquidity Mining with Token Airdrop

Vela Exchange

Join the decentralized trading revolution and experience up to 250x leverage on Vela Exchange

The decentralized exchange Vela Exchange is gearing up for its official launch on Arbitrum, and with a potential official launch airdrop being speculated. With a focus on innovation, strategic partnerships, and community engagement, the platform introduces features like Hyper VLP, allowing users to have the potential to capitalize on the platform’s trading activity. 


What is Vela Exchange?

Vela Exchange is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that focuses on providing a seamless DeFi trading experience. And this is made possible by harnessing the power of the high-performance Layer-2 network, Arbitrum. Unlike traditional DEXs, Vela Exchange has effectively addressed common issues such as front-running, slippage, asset limitations, and the absence of risk management features.

Moreover, Vela Exchange users can trade with up to 250x leverage across various assets, including cryptocurrencies, forex, and metals. 

To enhance efficiency and operability within its ecosystem, Vela Exchange has strategically partnered with a wide array of entities. These partnerships include reputable names such as Camelot, Axelar, GSR, Orange DAO, Pyth, Project Galaxy, Quantstamp, Sperax, Bitkeep, Squid, GND protocol, Factor, Chainge, Gammaswap, and more. 

As Vela Exchange gears up for its official launch, collaborations with FactorDAO, Ramses, Bitkeep, and others are actively being forged. Platform users can expect to enjoy an even more robust and dynamic trading environment.

Vela Exhange’s milestones in beta

Velas concluded its 72-day beta stage, showcasing its potential. The platform attracted a substantial user base with over 50,000 participants. Notably, the trading volume exceeded $5.5 billion, and the total value locked (TVL) surpassed $50 million. These achievements were further highlighted by a staggering total of 896,596 trades conducted on the platform.

Furthermore, Vela’s perpetual exchange is the fastest to reach $1 billion in trading volume. This solidifies its reputation as a leading choice for traders seeking an efficient solution for more sophisticated strategies.

What features does Vela Exchange offer?

Vela Exchange’s user-centric features are meticulously designed to fulfill the needs of traders, liquidity providers, and those seeking smooth token-swapping experiences. 

Vela Exchange UI


Designed to cater to both new and advanced users, Vela empowers traders at every level. Let’s explore this in detail: 

  • On-Chart Trading enables traders to place orders directly on the trading chart, providing a more intuitive and efficient trading experience
  • One Click Trading allows users to execute trades without having to sign transactions, which streamlines the trading process and makes it faster and more user-friendly.
  • Fiat On/Off Ramps provides a seamless way for users to move funds in and out of their accounts, which is especially useful for quick conversions between crypto assets and fiat currency.
  • TA Analysis Saving allows traders to save their technical analysis, a functionality particularly useful for those engaging in complex analysis over time.

Liquidity providing

Liquidity provision is vital to any trading platform, and Vela Exchange recognizes its importance. Staking USDC, users can mint VLP, the platform’s liquidity provider (LP) token. Similar to other LP token designs, VLP offers holders the ability to earn fees generated from trading on the platform. 

Then there is the Hyper VLP which is a program for minting VLP early on.

Hyper VLP

With Hyper VLP, users can provide liquidity early on for increased rewards. By being among the first liquidity providers when the protocol launches, users can potentially benefit from initial trading activity and arbitrage opportunities.

Hyper VLP has generated significant success and anticipation among users. The platform is now introducing Hyper VLP 2.0, which offers enhanced rewards in platform tokens. The official launch of Vela, along with the early access phase for Hyper VLP 2.0, has garnered tremendous interest, with over 40,000 individuals eagerly signing up to participate. 

Since its launch on Friday, Hyper VLP 2.0 has already generated over $11m in TVL. 

For more detailed information about Hyper VLP, click the button below to visit the official page.

Multichain Deposits

Multichain Deposits is another cornerstone feature offered by Vela Exchange. It enables users to transfer assets from any blockchain to Vela Exchange, fostering an interoperable trading experience.

With Multichain Deposits, users enjoy the convenience of swapping tokens from various chains for USDC, minting VLP tokens, or acquiring gas tokens, all within a single unified platform. Furthermore, the transaction process is highly efficient, usually completing the swap into USDC in 30 seconds or less.

By eliminating the need for multiple transactions, this integration not only streamlines trading activities but also saves time and costs for users.

Vela Exchange’s community-focused efforts

At Vela Exchange, the community is at the heart of everything. To foster a close relationship with its users, the platform organizes a series of engaging AMAs and Fireside Chats regularly. These interactive sessions enable transparent communication and promote mutual understanding between Vela Exchange and its community members. 

By actively involving the users in the conversation, Vela Exchange ensures that their voices are heard, and their perspectives are valued.

Join Vela’s official Twitter and  Discord to stay connected with the community.

Countdown to Operation626: Vela’s official launch and token airdrop

Vela Exchange official launch

Combining innovative technology, strategic partnerships, and a strong focus on user satisfaction, Vela Exchange aims to make a distinctive mark in the DeFi landscape. 

With positive feedback and growing momentum from its beta stage, Vela Exchange is ready for its official launch, dubbed Operation626 and scheduled for June 26th. As part of the event, Vela Exchange will unveil an engaging beta airdrop, offering participants the chance to acquire its native token, VELA. 

Follow the links to learn more about Vela Exchange and its official launch.

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