Upland and Blockchain Heroes Create Cross-Chain NFT Cards

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Cards on Wax become characters on EOS

Digital property game Upland is working together with Blockchain Heroes to create a set of digital collectible cards that exist on both EOS and the Wax blockchain. There will be Blockchain Heroes cards featuring Upland mascot Miles B. Chain, Upland-style version of Blockchain Heroes characters and cards based on Upland characters. Card packs will go on sale starting from April 6th.

In order to make the cards move from the Wax blockchain to EOS, Upland is introducing a special NFT portal. Here players can move cards from their Wax wallet into Upland. Cards with a mythic rarity and all cards featuring Upland x Blockchain Heroes explorers, can become an explorer in the game. Players can use, sell and trade these in the Upland metaverse as they please.

The Upland Collectibles: Blockchain Heroes Edition will come in two different packs. The Heroes Pack contains 10 cards, and the Titans Pack has 25 cards. These packs sell for $15 and $35 respectively. All 294 different cards are stored on the Wax blockchain, and in the future common cards can be combined to become a scarcer version.

The first 50% of the card packs will go on sale on April 6th at 12PM EST or 4PM UTC. The second half will sell on April 7th at 12AM EST or 4AM UTC. See the Upland Cards website for more details.

Upland a dominant force

Upland has been one of the biggest products on the EOS blockchain for quite some time, yet it’s still showing significant growth. In the past week more than 40 thousand wallets have been active in the game, while the number of monthly active wallets is slightly higher at 49 thousand. According to the Dapp Rankings on DappRadar that’s an increase of more than 54% compared with the month before. This puts Upland well ahead of the competition.

Upland has been making big moves in expanding their game. Not only did the game introduce more cities into their digital property game, but there are now also more gameplay options. Players can team up and battle for territory, while the game has also become more 3D. Furthermore they are introducing the ability to run a virtual business inside Upland, creating a new type of connection between gamers, users and the Upland metaverse. Upland really embraces play-to-earn principles, allowing gamers to earn UPX tokens from their in-game activities.

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