Upcoming Polkamon Public Sale Sees NFT Sales Heating Up


$28.000 for a baby dragon!

Collectors and investors are anticipating big things from the Polkamon NFT collectibles as baby dragons, which grant access to the upcoming public token sale, are selling for more than $28,000. The sale takes place on Wednesday, March 31st, and everybody who owns a baby dragon can join the public sale and invest early in the PMON token.

Collector can obtain these baby dragons through investments in the Polkastarter ecosystem. Those who hold POLS tokens and signed up for the Polkamon initial product launch, received a Polkastarter Babydragon. In addition winners of the #claimyouregg campaign have received the Moonrock x Morningstar Babydragon. 

In the past few hours, we’ve seen several baby dragons sell for 15 or even 19 ETH on the DappRadar NFT sales feed. On OpenSea the cheapest baby dragons available cost at least 34.8 ETH. While owners of the Polkastarter Eggs have listed them with a minimum price tag of 8.25 ETH. 

The PMON token will sell for $0.35 during the public sale on Wednesday. While the token will be listed on Uniswap with a $0.40 price tag later on. 

Polkamon Announces March 31st as Date for Polkastarter IDO. | by  PolkamonEditor | Polkamon | Mar, 2021 | Medium

What are Polkamon and PMON tokens?

Polkamon are animated digital collectibles. These come in different rarities, ranging from common colored ones to ones that sparkle or have a horn. A golden, sparkly dragon with a horn is the rarest of them all. Polkamon is a growing ecosystem, and new creatures will be added to the collection regularly. These creatures start out as an egg, and collectors need PMON tokens to unwrap them. 

The idea is that these Polkamon creatures become more than just collectibles. The developers want to integrate the collectibles into other applications, either in-house developed or made by third-parties. Currently each Polkamon NFT is just a collectible, but they want to make them usable across different dapps and blockchains.

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