Unstoppable Domains Introduces a Universal Web3 Login

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Your wallet address also serves as a username for various dapps

With Unstoppable Domains and their web3 technology, users no longer need to remember which email address and password they used on which website. Users simply log in to a dapp using the Unstoppable Domains login integration.

For every website and service users need to make an account, sometimes using an email address and at other times a social media account. As a result, consumers tend to have hundreds of username and password combinations spread across many applications. Password managers are a nice trick, but centralized storage does make for a serious security issue. The rise of Web3 makes things a lot easier, because users can use a single authentication system; their crypto wallet. 

Every user on the blockchain has their own unique public wallet address and accompanying private key (which you should never share with anymore). Having a Web3 wallet gives the user complete control over their identity and data. Unstoppable Domains makes those crypto wallets readable by replacing 0x123Abc456ABBC001abc1 with a readable wallet address, for example, yourname.crypto. 

Login with Unstoppable is the latest product from Unstoppable Domains that allows services and websites to introduce usage of Unstoppable domain names in their sign-up process. Dapps can use the domain-based widget to authenticate the user and users can allow access to data like their email address and KYC for updates, reward programs, and frictionless onboarding. This way users don’t need to create new account information all the time, while dapps can focus on creating a streamlined user experience instead of the sign-up process. 

How does Login with Unstoppable work?

  1. Users visit a dapp, and log in with their Unstoppable domain name. 
  2. The dapp reads the domain, and directs the user to the authorization server for that domain name. 
  3. The user authenticates and allows access to certain information requested by the dapp. To do this they need to sign or confirm a transaction using the key that owns their domain. 
  4. The dapp receives an access token and an ID token from the authentication server, including the requested information, i.e. the user’s email address.
  5. Now the dapp and the user can communicate with each other through an authorized open communication channel. 
  6. At any given time the user can revoke access.

What are some of the benefits?

Unstoppable domain names are global login identifiers that everybody can use across the internet. People will have a single name that gives access to a variety of dapps. Every dapp can address this domain to get the information the user wants to share, for example, the domain name itself, an email address or a profile picture. 

An interesting element about these domain-based logins is that you can move them across different crypto wallets. This is useful if users want to rotate their keys or transfer the reputation from one domain to another wallet. Reputation? Yes, because when you login to various dapps using a certain name, you might build up a reputation within a certain community. 

Lastly, users can build a web3 site using their domain. They can access this natively via Opera and Brave browsers, and via extensions with Firefox and Chrome. Unstoppable Domains provides templates for building personal websites, NFT galleries, and more.

Where is this going? 

Well, this will allow users to carry their reputation from one platform to the other. In addition, it allows for simpler user registration processes, and will extend to one-click KYC (Know Your Customer) solutions. Because these domains combine your personal information with crypto payments, online shopping will become much easier. 

Get your own domain now on Unstoppable Domains. You only need to pay once. There are no renewals of any kind. Starting at $5 you can buy various domains, for example yourname.crypto or thisismy.wallet.  

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