Unstoppable Domains Humanity Check Distinguishes You from Bots

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The first web3 SSO solution with privacy-preserving identity verification

Unstoppable Domains has introduced Humanity Check to distinguish humans from bots, all without sacrificing your privacy. Humanity Check will bring an identity verification function to the newly launched Login with Unstoppable product. 

Bot attacks have plagued many online services for years. They are notorious for sweeping concert tickets, buying up limited-edition sneakers, and other hotly sought-after items. With the rise of decentralized finance and NFTs, it was inevitable that bots would join the chase of that wealth.

In December last year, Adidas dropped its first-ever NFT collection drop collaborating with Bored Ape Yacht Club. However, with a max of 2 items per person rule applied, one user still managed to purchase 330 NFTs using bots that bypassed the barrier.

Imagine an NFT drop that was fair, one where you know that everyone on the allowlist is a real unique person, not a bot farm with 10,000 wallets seeking to exploit the system. Humanity Check by Unstoppable Domains frees you from such anxiety while preserving your privacy.

What is Humanity Check?

Earlier this year, Unstoppable Domains introduced Login with Unstoppable (Login), a new and easy way for users to log into dapps conveniently. This single sign-on (SSO) product allows users to use their unique NFT domain as a username. Today, Unstoppable Domains takes another step forward using Humanity Check to ensure that Login also verifies true digital identity.

unstoppable domains humanity check

Humanity Check is a verified identity layer that you can attach to your Unstoppable Domain. Furthermore, it is 100% private and won’t reveal any personal information to that dapp. With Humanity Check, you can prove you’re a real unique person to use this application, participate in online activities, and collect rewards.

Use cases for businesses 

  • Gaming: As a game, you can airdrop free features, skink, and other in-game elements and guarantee one reward to one unique user at scale
  • Metaverse: As a metaverse project, you can grant access to new experiences and projects, airdrop rewards and tokens, and unlock new features to specific verified users
  • NFT Projects: As a project that creates and distributes NFTs, you can highlight verified users’ NFTs, as well as reward verified users with their respective unique NFTs or tokens on a 1:1 basis
  • DeFi: My DeFi dapp can encourage new users to opt-in to Humanity Check by providing onboarding incentives (tokens, NFTs, other rewards) as well as rewarding existing verified users with airdrops
  • DAO Projects: you am a DAO that wants to implement 1 person, 1 vote structure by verifying identity to a member’s wallet address

How does it work

Unstoppable Domains partnered with Persona, the industry leader in identity verification services. Persona provides a seamless yet highly-secured verification process. And many recognized cryptocurrency platforms trust Persona for its excellent service. Their clients include BlockFi, Swan, DAO Maker, and more.

Persona asks users to verify their identity via government-issued ID and assigns them a randomly generated ID number. Unstoppable Domains will use this unique ID number to verify the identity of each individual. Then it will pass this information through to dapps without revealing their private information. 

Implementing Humanity Check is simple. For existing Login with Unstoppable partners, review the updated developer documents. If you’re new to Login, submit your application, and the team will help you get started smoothly.

unstoppable domains humanity check

How does this benefit the end-users

Your privacy comes first
Humanity Check aims to ensure every user experiences Web3 fairly and transparently. It adds a verification layer without sacrificing your privacy. When you go through an identity verification process, dapps verify identity through a unique ID number created by Humanity Check instead of your personal information. And Unstoppable will never have access to any data you share through the Humanity Check process.

100% opt-In and you are in control
You have 100% control over your data and which dapps this verification is shared with. 

It’s quick and simple
The process takes only a few minutes to complete, and verification only needs to be completed once per NFT domain. 

Get a reward for being you
Soon, people who have completed the Humanity Check process will receive a Humanity Check verification mark on their Unstoppable Domains profile. In addition, it will unlock new reward programs on both the Unstoppable Domains platform and across Login-integrated apps. With more Web3 companies building reward programs using this verification model, more incentives for verified users are soon to come.

A future with Unstoppable Domains Humanity Check

Building reliable identity verification and robust KYC solutions while ensuring privacy is not easy. However, only when fairness, honesty, and transparency are guaranteed can innovation and engagement thrive in the era of Web3. With that in mind, Humanity Check strives to offer fair, fraud-free experiences for all the dapp users. 

The next step for Unstoppable Domains is to invite the community to participate and reap the benefits of the Humanity Check. Verified users will immediately start unlocking various UD perks, from points to exclusive sweepstakes and swag. In a chaotic digital world full of deceit, shouldn’t we be rewarded for being who we really are? 





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