UArdians NFTs Raise Funds To Support Ukraine

UArdians NFTs Raise Funds To Support Ukraine
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A collection of 10,000 NFTs designed by Ukrainian artist Natasha Le is launching starting with an initial drop of 100 unique NFTs on April 28th

Ukraine has bravely fought against invading Russian forces for over 60 days now, and the upcoming UArdians NFT collection will try to help Ukrainians in their efforts. The art for the project is designed by creator Natasha Le. She is from a region close to Bucha, one of the most affected cities during the war so far. 


UArdians is an NFT collection composed of five characters. Each of them represents the way everyday people in Ukraine had their lives turned upside down. Each of the five characters will come in numerous iterations depicting the fight against the invading Russian forces. 

What are UArdians?

UArdians is an Ethereum-based NFT collection. It consists of 10,000 NFTs dedicated to five different characters. Each set features unique interpretations of the daily struggles Ukrainian people face. 

The artwork for the collection is created by Ukrainian artist Natasha Le. Her designs have already reached a global audience, going viral in the past several weeks. She teamed up with two fellow Ukrainians to create a charitable NFT collection in an effort to help the daily struggle of the Ukrainian people. 

Importantly, the sole purpose of the UArdians collection is to raise funds and awareness of the ongoing military conflict raging through Ukraine. All members of the team are working on this project pro-bono. Their focus is to provide much-needed help to their fellow Ukrainians. 

The project’s roadmap features four distinct stages, each focused on a different goal. The team is hard at work to develop a robust benefits program for UArdians NFT holders, including additional drops as well as community engagement.

For the moment, collectors can see only the first of the five UArdians characters. She is from Mikolaiv, a woman who would rather be drinking coffee and shipping code than mopping up invaders, but times have changed and she is rising to the challenge.

How to mint?

The first set of 100 UArdians NFTs will launch on April 28th. The mint will happen on the official UArdians website, with a mint price for each NFT set at 0.08 ETH. You can follow all the latest updates regarding the mint on the official UArdians Twitter page. All secondary market action takes place here on OpenSea.

90% of all proceeds from the initial mint stage will go towards the fundraising efforts in support of the Ukrainian people. Keep in mind that you will have to set aside some ETH for gas fees as well if you want to mint a UArdian NFT. Of course, if you don’t manage to snag a mint spot, you can always purchase UArdians on the secondary market. 

What is the goal of the UArdians project?

UArdians has a very simple, but noble mission: to help Ukrainians in their fight. All proceeds from the minting and secondary sales royalties for the project will go to two charity organizations in Ukraine. PrytulaFoundation and RazomForUkraine both offer military and humanitarian support to the Ukrainian people. 

The ultimate goal of the project is to raise over $1 million through primary and secondary NFT sales. All of these funds will go towards helping Ukraine and its people during this unprecedented invasion. The royalty fee for each secondary resale of UArdians NFTs is set at 10%, all of which will be sent directly to the charitable organizations chosen by the founders. 

DappRadar applauds the noble mission UArdians is on. Unfortunately, the war and terror spreading throughout Ukraine continues, and the Ukrainian people need all the help they can get. Check out the links below to get more information about UArdians and fill in a mint registration form. This is a great opportunity to show your support for Ukraine and help out. 

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