Tykes NFT Grosses over 1,000 ETH in a Week

Tykes NFT Grosses over 1,000 ETH in a Week

The founder claims it is so much more than an NFT-powered Airbnb project.

Tykes NFT exceeded 1,000 ETH in volume after one week of launch. The project focuses on merging real estate with Web3 technology and connecting community members with real estate professionals, investors, web3 experts, developers, and entrepreneurs.


  • Tykes is a collection of 5,000 NFTs created by serial entrepreneur Ryan Pineda.
  • Tykes aims to build the future of digital real estate by bringing together a community of investors, developers, web3 experts, and real estate professionals.
  • Holders will also be able to book project-owned accommodation using Tykes’ ecosystem tokens.
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There has been quite a buzz in the NFT space over the past few days. In addition to the much talked about y00ts, there is another notable performer called Tykes NFT on DappRadar’s NFT Explorer. 

Launched on August 31, Tykes NFT is trading at over 3 ETH. Notably, it has accumulated over 1300 ETH in volume, with a 22% increase over the last 24 hours. The project promises to bring unexpected and unprecedented usability to holders, with features that outshine even Moonbirds and BAYC. Doesn’t it sound pretty ambitious? 

Let’s look at what this buzzy NFT collection is all about!

What is Tykes NFT?

Founded by serial entrepreneur Ryan Pineda, Tykes is a collection of 5,000 NFTs that look to shape the future of digital real estate. In addition, Tykes NFT offers educational tools to individuals who hope to establish their businesses leveraging Web3 and the Metaverse

Rather than boasting immersive gaming experiences or exclusive merches, Tykes builds a community for members to connect with real estate professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, and more. Another primary goal is to help them build a business and industry that grow perpetually.

This sounds similar to the blue-chip NFT collection VeeFriends, but with a greater focus on innovatively capitalizing on the billion-dollar real estate industry.

If you have never heard of VeeFriends, this DappRadar report will give you a general idea.

What utilities do Tykes have?

Tykes is building a platform for members to connect with real estate professionals, investors, Web3 experts, developers, entrepreneurs, and more. This extensive network fosters collaboration to build future-shaping businesses. 

Education is always one of the most significant themes in the Tykes community. Being a Tykes NFT holder brings the opportunity to join online and real-life training. On top of all these benefits, members can also gain exclusive access to invest in start-up businesses, real estate deals, metaverse land deals, and more. 

If all this sounds still a little vague, Tykes has taken a step forward in its real estate business. The project has purchased a $1.5 million home in Las Vegas, Nevada, as the first of many. Community members will be able to use their Tycoin token to book the dates of their stay.

The video below gives you an orientation of the property.

Is Tykes NFT legit?

The hot anticipation revolving around Tykes seems without any doubt. The collection was snapped up on the day of the mint, and the floor price has doubled several times. However, it is worth noting that the concentration of these NFTs is relatively high. Specifically, 5,000 NFTs are held by 1,000 unique wallets, meaning there is a higher possibility of floor price manipulation. 

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