Twitter NFTs Realize Success on Secondary Market

The 140 Collection saw a 22,157% increase in volume in a week

Twitter NFTs might sound rather strange. However, The 140 Collection, recently launched by the social media giant, is defying expectations. The collection was freely distributed among addresses just weeks ago, and now the secondary market is exploding. In just seven days, the collection gained more than $4.8 million in volume. This represents a 22,157% increase week over week. 

The huge boost in activity trampolined The 140 Collection to ninth place in the DappRadar Top NFT Collections rankings over the past seven days. Interestingly, almost $5 million were reached in just 46 transactions. This means that, on average, one transaction was worth a little over $100,000.

Twitter NFTs

Twitter’s idea with The 140 Collection was to airdrop 140 NFTs to different addresses as a commemorative event. The collection is titled this way because of the original tweet limit on the platform – 140 characters. 

What are these Twitter NFTs?

According to the official The 140 Collection Twitter account, the collection consists of “140 NFTs for 140 besties”. This entails that Twitter staff sifted through thousands of retweets, selecting just 140 lucky users to receive an NFT from the airdrop. 

One of the more curious cases involves Margaret Corvid, a woman from Plymouth, England, who wrote a poem about the airdrop. This poem earned her the “Reply Guy” NFT, which she sold for $100,000 just several hours later. 

Out of the initial 140 NFTs, most sold out in the very first hours. While the first sales were circling around amounts closer to 2 to 4 ETH, the 140 Collection has hit the NFT community hard since then. Interest in the collection has been steadily rising, culminating in recent days with sales accumulating upwards of $4 million. 

NFTs include a number of animated GIFs with subtle references to different aspects of the social media platform. Here are some examples:

Currently, there are only 7 NFTs available for sale on OpenSea, and the floor price sits at 99.98 ETH. This is a remarkable shift for the collection, and Twitter is benefiting immensely. The official The 140 Collection account now has over 700 followers, and even mainstream media is commenting on the drop. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring The 140 Collection’s development as these NFTs are bound to continue switching owners. If you are one of the lucky ones who own a Twitter NFT, you can check it out if you connect your wallet to DappRadar Portfolio

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