Twitter Launches NFT Profile Picture Verification

Twitter Launches NFT Profile Picture Verification
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The much-anticipated feature will arguably put a stop to “right-click save”

Social media platform Twitter is making the first steps towards incorporating blockchain technology and specifically NFTs to its services. The platform has announced a new functionality is underway which will allow users to verify they are the owners of the NFTs in their Ethereum wallets. 

The new feature will also introduce a different profile picture border for users. Those with verified ownership of their NFT avatar will get a border in a different shape. Traditionally Twitter profile pictures are placed in a round border. However, ones that have been verified as NFTs owned by the account owner will have a hexagonal border. 

This functionality is highly anticipated, especially from crypto and NFT enthusiasts. Importantly, the new verification structure will possibly put a stop to the practice of “right-click save”. One of the main arguments against NFTs as a concept is that any image can be easily saved and copied. However, with the new verification functionality, only the owners of any given NFT will be able to showcase it with the special hexagonal border. 

Twitter steps further into the NFT space

The new NFT verification functionality is not Twitter’s first foray into the blockchain space. This is the first major functionality to take the platform closer to web3. However, Twitter already has a presence in the NFT space.

The social media platform launched The 140 Collection last summer, effectively pushing Twitter into the crypto world. Currently, there are only seven NFTs available on secondary marketplace OpenSea. Impressively the floor price for these is 24 ETH, or about $66.827.

In the past thirty days, only nine trades were recorded on the collections smart contracts, however, these generated close to half a million dollars in trading volume. Still, considering the impressive floor price, this isn’t much of a surprise. 

With The 140 Collection, and the latest NFT verification functionality, Twitter is moving deeper into the NFT and crypto space. Twitter is already among the most preferred social media platforms crypto enthusiasts use, so its only logical that NFT-focused functionalities make it to the list of services it offers. 

Facebook and Instagram join in too

Twitter is not the only social media platform exploring the blockchain space and NFT integrations. According to a recent Financial Times article, Meta is actively prototyping functionalities that will allow users to showcase their NFTs on Facebook and Instagram. There are even rumors about NFT minting functionalities on these social media platforms.

Of course, these developments would fit the huge push into the blockchain space the company has gone through recently. Starting with the rebranding to Meta, Mark Zuckerberg’s plans are focusing more and more on virtual reality and the metaverse. NFTs play a huge role in shaping the metaverse, so the push to integrate them into Facebook and Instagram is only logical.

DappRadar will continue monitoring the NFT space, as well as celebrity collectors who can now verify their Twitter NFT profile pictures. Additionally, we’ll report on any news regarding Meta’s plans for the metaverse. To find out the latest NFT news, follow DappRadar’s Twitter, or join our Discord community for fun NFT discussions. 

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