Tron DeFi Projects Gain Momentum in July

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Hristina Yordanova

Take a look at the top 5 DeFi solutions on Tron

Tron DeFi decentralized applications are seeing an increase in unique active wallets across the board. In the past thirty days, all of the top five Tron DeFi dapps experienced boosts in UAW upwards of 100%.

JustLend, the number one dapp in Tron DeFi, managed to attract more than 46,400 unique active wallets in July. In addition, the first official lending platform on Tron secured more than $43 million in volume. 

Let’s take a look at the top 5 DeFi applications on Tron. And their performance in the past 30 days. 

Top 5


JustLend is the biggest Tron DeFi solution on the Tron blockchain. The platform offers its users the opportunity to borrow and lend Tron-based assets and earn interest. In the past thirty days, JustLend attracted 142% more unique wallets. Not only that, the platform processed 150% more transactions in July, totaling 185,370. JustLend is definitely solidifying its position as a DeFi solution. However, competitors are pushing hard to reach its volume. Check the rest of the top five below. 

Golden Eggs

Golden Eggs prides itself as one of the easiest DeFi solutions for new users to begin their journey in blockchain-based investing. Its user-friendly interface is only one of the characteristics that makes it a go-to investment platform. In the past month, Golden Eggs attracted 158% more unique active wallets to its services. While the overall number of users is almost a quarter that of JustLend, Golden Eggs is definitely on track to becoming one of the top DeFi solutions on Tron. 


ISwap is closely following behind Golden Eggs, with just about 300 unique active wallets less than the platform ranked second. In the past thirty days, ISwap boosted its user base by an impressive 1187%. The platform allows users to swap, stake, and pool tokens in liquidity pools. Through all of these options, ISwap aims to offer diverse earning opportunities to its users. 


GaussFans is a DeFi platform designed as a tribute to Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss. He was a German mathematician and physicist who brought significant innovation to mathematics and science. The idea behind GaussFans is to allow users to experiment on a blockchain-based DeFi platform and earn GAUSS tokens as a reward. In the past month, GaussFans saw the highest increase in unique active wallets among all Tron DeFi dapps. In July, GaussFans boosted its audience by 1729%.

Unifi Protocol

Last but not least, Unifi Protocol makes the top 5 ranking of Tron DeFi dapps in July. Unifi Protocol is a building environment where developers can create the next generation of DeFi solutions. In the past month, Unifi Protocol attracted 3,740 unique active wallets, representing a 140% increase. Not only that, volume on the platform reached $116,220. Unifi Protocol still has a long way to reach the metrics JustLend outputs. However, the platform is definitely moving in the right direction.

Tron DeFi is taking off

Probably the most important conclusion we can draw from this months’ performance of Tron DeFi dapps is that the sector is growing exponentially. New decentralized finance solutions emerge by the minute, and the reason for that is simple – there is a lot of demand for them.

Tron DeFi is an example of a much broader trend that hints at a complete shift in people’s perception of finance and investment. With blockchain technology, new opportunities for passive income and diversification of investment arise. DeFi is only going to become bigger as more people find out about its benefits and its versatility. 

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