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Trending Dapps | Week 28 | 2022

Your weekly update to discover dapps in a variety of categories, including DeFi and yield farms, NFT marketplaces and collections, top play-to-earn games, and much more.

The blockchain is full of dapps that are under constant development. At DappRadar we track thousands of them across more than 20 different blockchains.

Every week DappRadar dives into the ecosystem to uncover the dapps that are attracting the most users, upcoming, trending, and interesting to discover. No matter whether it’s DeFi on Ethereum, an NFT collection on Wax, or yield farming on Avalanche, we got you covered.

N.B. All dapps featured here are chosen based upon on-chain metrics as tracked by DappRadar. This is not paid promotion.

Dapp of the Week – Mail3

  • 38,800 active users in the last 30 days
  • Crypto native communication protocol
  • Promises security, privacy preservation, and self-sovereign identity
  • It also enables the users to capture the value of social connection, and accumulate the digital reputation on-chain

Blockchain Games

Games are fun, but blockchain-powered games add a whole new economical layer to the experience. Suddenly you can play a game and make money from it.

DeFi & Exchanges

With markets, the way they are right now is a good time for evaluation and to get the assets you do have working for you. Explore these lending, yield farming, and interest generating platforms, and remember to stay safe.

Fuse Cash

Currently offering 25% APR on fUSD stablecoin holdings


Leading DeFi dapp by transactions and users on BNB Chain

RADAR Staking

Stake RADAR, earn RADAR. Harvest on any blockchain

Hot NFT Collections

Project 0xD38
Immortal Player Characters
Cope Bears

NFT Marketplaces


Dapps to Watch

These dapps show promise due to their unique service offer, customer-facing utility, and pre-launch opportunities.


Liketu – pronounced as “like to”, is a photo sharing website built on the HIVE blockchain. It allows creators to share photos and add pay-walls to premium images.

Lens Protocol

The Lens protocol is a permissionless, composable, & decentralized social graph that makes building a Web3 social platform easy. From the team that brought you the Aave Protocol.


Peepl is a payments and rewards platform that helps keep more money flowing in the local economy.

Blockchain Domains

Personalize your web3 experience with customized domain names that can be used instead of a wallet address.

Unstoppable Domains
Ethereum Name Service
NEAR Names
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