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Trending dapps

The most interesting dapps, yield farms, play-to-earn games and NFT collections in one curated overview!

Every week DappRadar covers trending dapps and this week we dive into SushiSwap on Polygon, six games to play and earn, and new DeFi and yield farming opportunities. We cover SushiSwap, Pangolin Exchange, Chain Monsters, 1inch Exchange, and more dapps from the wider blockchain ecosystem.

The blockchain is full of dapps that are under constant development. At DappRadar we track thousands of them across 16 different blockchains. With our weekly Trending Dapps articles, we filter through the noise and give you some nice suggestions for new decentralized applications or NFT collections to discover.


Games are fun, but blockchain-powered games add a whole new economical layer to the experience. Suddenly you can play a game and make money from it.

  • Recent land sale sold out fast
  • Secondary market trading is going wild
  • Splintershards (SPS) coming in July
  • 43 new elements to discover recently added
  • Colonization mode set for imminent release
  • Play and earn
  • Multiplayer role-playing game
  • NFT trading on Flow now available in closed alpha
  • Catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine monsters
  • New blockchain game on Binance Smart Chain
  • Impressive user and volume numbers in the last 7 days
  • On-ramp for traditional game developers
  • Play and earn EMON tokens
  • New 2D battle mode
  • Capture, train, and transform NFT collectibles 
  • Crypto based battle game
  • “A Hero is Drawn” tour now open
  • MyUplandCity writing contest and giveaway with a $1,500 in ETH prize pool
  • Real world property game

DeFi & Yield Farming

Every week DappRadar follows new yield farms and DeFi projects. Here are three new opportunities. Keep in mind to do your own research: is the contract verified? Is the team trustworthy?

  • Now available on Polygon and BSC networks
  • DEX aggregator that sources the best token swap rates
  • Impressive growth outside Ethereum
  • Token exchange platform on the Avalanche blockchain
  • 24% week on week growth
  • Top 10 multichain exchange on Polygon
  • Optimized for supporting fast, gasless transactions
  • Almost doubled its user base in last 7 days

NFT Collections

On DappRadar we don’t only look at decentralized applications, but also at NFTs across a variety of blockchains. Here we highlight some of the remarkable stories from the world of NFTs.

  • Generative art on the blockchain
  • High profile sales through Sotheby’s auction house
  • Traders up over 280% in last 7 days
  • Ronin sidechain now live offering cheap transactions
  • Over $20 million in weekly NFT trading
  • New collectible & tradeable NFTs on Binance Smart Chain
  • The marketplace is now live for buying and selling
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