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This week 1inch, Sushi, Strainz and more

At DappRadar we currently track 17 blockchains and over 5,000 decentralized applications (dapps). Popular dapp categories include DeFi, NFTs and collectibles, marketplaces, gambling, and games. Leading blockchains in terms of usage are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Flow, and Wax.

These dapps are a gateway to blockchain technology in their most hands-on form and open up opportunities for financial independence, provable digital ownership, investment, and gaming. On a weekly basis, we receive hundreds of submissions and analyze these dapps for interesting projects that are exciting to our readers.


DeFi on Polygon 

DeFi protocol Sushi is a new token exchange and yield farming platform on the Polygon network offering the same service to its Ethereum counterpart SushiSwap. The platform has grown its user base by 120% in the past 7 days to 6,450 active wallets on the Polygon blockchain. Thanks to the low fees on the Polygon blockchain, these users could do more than 58 thousand transactions. — Read the latest news about Sushi


 DeFi on Polygon 

On 1inch users can swap tokens. However, the platform picks the best trades from a variety of decentralized exchanges. This gives users access to more liquidity at the best price. Right now 1inch is active on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and since last week also on Polygon. Read the latest news about 1inch



Collectibles on Ethereum 

VeeFriends is the brainchild of Gary Vaynerchuk’s NFT collection. He created VeeFriends to bring to life his ambitions of building a community around his creative and business passions using NFT technology and their smart contract capabilities. By owning a VeeFriend NFT, you immediately become part of the VeeFriends community and get access to VeeCon. — See the VeeFriends dapp page



Gamified Investment on Binance 

APWars is a gamified farming protocol that combines fantasy gameplay with blockchain features; including composite farming, token battles, NFTs, swaps and, innovation through a gamified war lottery. The platform offers basic swaps, staking, and farming options and leverages the stability of PancakeSwap.  See the APWars dapp page



Yield Bearing NFTs on Binance  

Strainz is a yield-bearing, NFT ecosystem built on Binance Smart Chain. Users can buy & breed NFT marijuana plants to make offspring and grow a farm. The platform also features an all-inclusive marketplace for BSC NFT’s.  Check out Strainz



DeFi on Binance 

ACryptoS offers two products on Binance Smart Chain, Vaults, and StableSwap. The platform and its fees are designed to encourage longer-term staking and reward long-term holders of the ACS and ACSI native tokens. Vaults grow users’ assets via automated yield strategies, saving users time, and enabling higher yields through more frequent compounding, more efficient gas utilization, and other creative automation.  — Learn more about ACryptoS



Fractionalized NFTS on Ethereum 

Unicly is a protocol to combine, fractionalize, and trade NFTs.What makes Unicly stand out, is the ability to fractionalize ownership over bigger or expensive collections. Unicly literally combines elements from DeFi with an NFT marketplace.  — Read the latest news about Unicly

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