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This week PantherSwap, MeeBits, PolyFox and more

At DappRadar we currently track 17 blockchains and over 5,000 decentralized applications (dapps). Popular dapp categories include DeFi, NFTs and collectibles, marketplaces, gambling, and games. Leading blockchains in terms of usage are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Flow, and Wax. 

These dapps are a gateway to blockchain technology in their most hands-on form and open up opportunities for financial independence, provable digital ownership, investment, and gaming. On a weekly basis, we receive hundreds of submissions and analyze these dapps for interesting projects that are exciting to our readers. 


NFTs on Ethereum 

Meebits is hot right now and has generated considerable hype this week. It’s the third NFT collectible series by Larva Labs, the studio that brought us CryptoPunks and Autoglyphs. The Meebits NFT collection consists of 20,000 unique 3D voxel characters, each created through an algorithm and then minted onto the Ethereum blockchain. These Meebits were sold for 2.5 ETH and the price slowly dropped until all Meebits sold out. 

Within 8 hours Larva Labs sold 9,000 Meebits for approximately 22,500 ETH or $75 million. This makes the primary sale of this particular NFT collection one of the biggest NFT drops to date. At the moment the secondary market is also heating up, as certain rare editions already sold for amounts over $1 million.


DeFi on Binance Smart Chain 

PantherSwap is an automatic liquidity yield farm and automated market maker (AMM) on Binance Smart Chain. The dapp has seen an explosion in activity to become one of the fastest-growing dapps this week in the DeFi ecosystem according to DappRadar data. 

The platform currently separates itself from the competition with high staking percentages, rewards, and an ‘Anti Whale’ mechanism. This means that users who transfer more than 0.5% (current ratio) of the total supply will be rejected but as the total supply grows, this ratio will be reduced.


PolyWhale Finance 

DeFi on Polygon 

Polywhale Finance is a new finance dapp and the first yield farming dapp on the Polygon Network. In the last 7 days, users of the platform have surged over 1800% to over 41,000, while transactions have increased over 3700% to almost 394,000. The dapp quickly found its feet and the total value locked (TVL) inside the dapps smart contracts within just 20 minutes of the launch had grown to an impressive $3 million. 

Launching with the slogan ‘the best APYs on Polygon’ certainly didn’t hinder the marketing efforts of the team. Coupled with the fact that Polywhale is the first yield farming dapp, it simply made sense that excitement started to build. 


MOBOX: MOMO Marketplace

NFTs & DeFi on Binance Smart Chain

MOBOX could flip the DeFi sector on its head. They’ve had 40,000 NFTs minted, $10,000,000 in NFT trades, and 200,000,000 TVL in the first week of launch. The platform engages users through a mix of gaming, NFT, and DeFi mechanics, using liquidity pools, yield farming, and NFTs. You could call this GameFi. 

Users can create all kinds of strategies to optimize their yield, but also create a unique NFT that they can use across a multitude of games. The platform and infrastructure have already seen significant growth. At the time of writing MOBOX has been live for one week, and NFT trading has already exceeded a total volume of $5 million.



Games on Binance Smart Chain 

Crypto Racing is a multiplayer racing game based around DeFi and NFT mechanics running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Players can claim cars, level up auto parts (NFTs), and race to earn CHE tokens (DeFi). CryptoRacingVIP offers another example of the gamified investment category dapps we see emerging more and more. It will be interesting to see what kind of uptake these applications receive as interest in crypto investment grows. 



DeFi on Binance Smart Chain 

PandaSwap is a relatively new DeFi platform on Binance Smart Chain but it’s already seeing some success since launching in late April. Where other protocols allow users to chase high yields, cash out and run to the next yield farming project, PandaSwap takes a different approach. There are farms for different liquidity pools. They also allow users to convert PNDA to BAMBOO and earn a portion of the swap fees. In addition, users can swap PNDA for RHINO in exchange for a 12% fee to get access to higher, more exclusive, yield farms. However, instead of allowing users to cash out immediately, their PNDA token earnings will be vested. 

The majority of the staking rewards get locked away and will unlock over time starting from next year. This makes sure that there’s a serious amount of value locked away, while it also attracts a different type of investor: one who’s aiming for more long-term growth. 


PolyFox Finance 

DeFi on Polygon

PolyFox Finance is a new DeFi project offering yield farming on Polygon with a focus on anti-inflationary action. Besides the buyback burning mechanism introduced by Goose Finance that has been applied, the platform has implemented several unique features to fight against the inflation problem faced by most yield farms. Users have grown considerably in the last 7 days while transaction volume has almost hit $100 million. Interest is peaking as the platform attempts to deliver a new kind of yield farming platform built for longevity. 


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