Trending Dapps – Yield Farms, Play-to-Earn & NFT Collections

trending dapps defi games nft collections

Your weekly update to discover new dapps in a variety of categories, including DeFi, NFT and games.

Your weekly update to discover new dapps in a variety of categories, including DeFi yield farms, NFT collections and games. This week we check some of the latest dapps, look at interesting NFT collections, and dive into some cool games.

The blockchain is full of dapps that are under constant development. At DappRadar we track thousands of them across 20 different blockchains. Every week DappRadar dives into the ecosystem to uncover the dapps that are trending, upcoming and interesting to discover. No matter whether it’s DeFi on Ethereum, an NFT collection on Wax or yield farming on Binance Smart Chain, we got you covered.

New Dapps on DappRadar

Every week dozens of new dapps launch on the blockchain, and DappRadar has become the best place to track them all. We want to highlight three new dapps that have launched on DappRadar, each of them with a new, unique service.

  • Successful initial NFT sale
  • Strong community on Wax
  • Upcoming game featuring time travelling rabbits
  • Story-focused product
  • Gamified yield farming
  • Running on Polygon blockchain
  • Uses NFTs
  • Not too serious
  • Yield farm on Binance Smart Chain
  • Newly launched with high APY
  • Anti-Whale, lock-in features
  • Note: newly launched yield farms also come with increased high-risk

Games: Play-to-Earn

Games are fun, but blockchain-powered games add a whole new economical layer to the experience. Suddenly you can play a game and make money from it. Not all games have the same type of financial incentives, put when every blockchain assets gains value when a community grows. Here are 3 new, upcoming gaming products:

  • Voxies NFTs increasingly popular avatars
  • Upcoming turn-based role playing game
  • Game expands to other virtual worlds / the metaverse
  • DeFi yield farming game
  • Inspired by traditional table-top RPGs
  • DND token seen 255% increase in past 7 days
  • Product launching in August
  • Battle game launching on Ethereum & Immutable X
  • High quality graphics
  • Auto-battler game
  • Competitive: Earn ETH by winning battles

DeFi Protocols

When we talk about DeFi, often we mention Uniswap, SushiSwap and PancakeSwap. These big protocols exist on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Polygon is upcoming. However, every blockchain offers DeFi opportunities, so we highlight some of the upcoming platforms on alternative blockchains.

  • ShibaSwap ties in with the SHIB token
  • First product based on meme coin
  • Strong community support
  • Single Asset mining aggregator on Polygon
  • Aimed at Chinese market
  • Liquidity farming on Binance Smart Chain
  • Fair launch, no pre-sale
  • Yield farming
  • Staking
  • Various rewards

NFT Collectibles

CryptoPunks and Art Blocks have become some of the most sought-after NFT collection out there. However, there are plenty of other projects that serve as great collectibles. Here we highlight three NFT projects that are interesting to explore.

  • Sold out after more than 1 year
  • 100% on-chain, both graphics and metadata
  • Pioneering NFT product
  • Launch of second phase imminent
  • Recently changed name to Polychain Monsters
  • Gorgeous 3D monsters on Binance Smart Chain
  • Integrated token economy with PMON
  • Marketplace for generative art
  • User can customize artworks
  • NFTs on Ethereum blockchain
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