Tracking DeFi activity through DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracker

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You can now analyse DeFi dapp activity through the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker

DeFi has been one of the key trends of 2020, driving billions of dollars of value into the dapp ecosystem, especially on Ethereum. 

And that’s why tracking a wallet’s activity through the DeFi dapps it’s using is such an important addition to our Portfolio Tracker. 

This feature enables you to see in detail all your activity within DeFi dapps such as MakerDAO, Aave and Compound. 

One reason this information is useful is that DeFi dapps work in much more complex ways than most other dapps. Notably, in many DeFi dapps, you’re locking up value in the form of collateral – often to earn interest – while simultaneously using that collateral to borrow value in the form of loans.

That means there can be a lot of different tokens moving around, sometimes making it difficult to see how much value you have in terms of savings and loans which potentially are spread across multiple dapps. 

Obviously, in that situation, you’d probably want to pay back your loans as quickly as possible to maximize your returns. 

However, such insights are not just about what’s going on in your DeFi dapps. It’s also helpful to see your basic token balance, as well as being able to view your activity across multiple Ethereum wallets.

In addition, with NFTs now playing an increasingly important role in DeFi, knowing what NFTs you have in your wallet shouldn’t be ignored either. 

And that’s where the DappRadar Portfolio Tracker has you covered, as you can now view all these different components from one simple interface, giving you total transparency into your activity throughout the Ethereum dapp ecosystem.

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