Tpunks Bring CryptoPunk look-a-likes to Tron


You can find a Justin Sun Tpunk for 1,000 TRX

Just like Ethereum had CryptoPunks as their first digital collectible NFTs, now the Tron blockchain has Tpunks. For 1,000 TRX or $123, users can mint one of the first NFTs on Tron. 

The release of Tpunks will not be without controversy. Similar to the release of Binance Punks on the Binance Smart Chain, Tpunks is literally using assets from the original CryptoPunks collection. Some cry plagiarism, others might think this adds value and legitimacy to the original punks on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Tpunks are TRC721 tokens, the newly implemented token standard for NFTs on the Tron blockchain. They’ve issued 10,000 Tpunks, similar to the original CryptoPunks. There are 9 aliens, 24 apes, 88 zombies, and 11 Justins among them. Yes, at least Tpunks adds a bit of their own Sun sauce to the mix. 

In addition, the team states that 2,000 are ‘hype as fuck’ rare, as they are uniquely generated punks. We haven’t found out what that means, yet.

We do know for sure that Tpunks adds a little bit of itself to the mix. Collectors are able to find JustinSun Tpunks in the collection. As the most popular services on the Tron blockchain, for example, JustSwap, Sun Network, and JustLend, these are named after CEO Justin Sun.

Tron recently introduced TRC721

In December 2020 Tron introduced their first non-fungible token standard, TRC-721. Introducing a standard interface allows applications to track and transfer NFTs on TRON. Each token using the TRC-721 standard is unique.

An NFT – on any blockchain – contains owner ID, rich metadata, safe file links, and other identifying information. This is all recorded in its smart contract. This type of vital information makes each NFT unique. 

NFT market had a dip

According to the Dapp Industry Report for April 2021, the NFT market has seen a dip in translation volume last month. The transaction volume decreased from $217 to $83 million month-on-month.

Despite the drop in value, there has been a lot more activity. Ethereum lost some of traction, despite the stellar performance of CryptoPunks. However, cheaper blockchain solutions are thriving. Wax has seen an impressive growth. Now Binance is also getting more serious with NFTs.


June 2017, Ethereum

BSC Bunks

February 2021, BSC


May 2021, Tron

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