Topps MLB Baseball Moves to Avalanche Next Week

Topps MLB Baseball Abandons Wax for Avalanche Next Week

MLB Series 2 dropping on Avalanche on Monday

Topps Baseball Series 2 NFTs, in partnership with Major League Baseball and MLB Players, will drop on Avalanche on Monday, October 4th. This is the second collectible series Topps will release on Avalanche, as its first series of NFTs dropped on the Wax blockchain. 

The first baseball NFT collectible series on Avalanche, called 2021 Topps MLB Inception, dropped on September 9th. It sold out fast, making a splash among the Avalanche community. The second edition will feature a standard pack with a $15 price tag and a premium pack for $150. Cards in both these packs will vary from common to legendary, with the premium pack giving two more NFTs and a better chance for higher rarity cards.

Series 2 will include new and exciting limited edition cards, part of the All-Star set. This set will feature gold base cards and a wide variety of vintage stock cards, paying homage to classic cardboard Topps collectibles. 

Benefits of using Avalanche

While Topps NFT collectibles were initially released on the Wax blockchain, the company has now announced a second collection in a row, debuting on Avalanche. The Avalanche blockchain has recently made it to the spotlight, as more projects find its fast-processing speeds and accessible transaction fees alluring. 

In addition, Avalanche is compatible with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). EVM is a blockchain standard that allows for easy token transfers between different blockchains. This means that the Topps MLB Series 2 NFTs are also tradable on Binance Smart Chain or Ethereum, just to name a few EVM compatible chains.

AVAX finding traction

Avalanche’s native token AVAX is seeing quite an uptick in valuation. In the past thirty days, AVAX went from $43 to $65, according to CoinGecko data. This price hike, combined with lucrative staking opportunities, has made AVAX a prime target for crypto investors. According to data from DeFiLlama the Avalanche blockchain had $178 million in Total Value Locked (TVL) in its DeFi sector. Over the past two months that amount skyrocketed to a whopping $3.74 billion in TVL.

The valuation of the AVAX token and the incredible TVL increase put Avalanche in the spotlight. Together with Solana, Terra, and Fantom the new home for the Topps MLB collection is one of the fastest-growing blockchain ecosystems on the market.

Considering the significant amount of interest the blockchain is getting, Topps decided to make a move. The collectible cards giant partnered with Ava Labs to develop the marketplace. However, Wax is not out of the picture and Topps will keep releasing its NFTs on the Wax blockchain in the future.

DappRadar will continue monitoring both Topps and the Avalanche ecosystem as a whole. If you’re curious to find out more about Avalanche, check out the useful links below. 

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