Top 15 Web3 FPS Games and Shooters You Need to Know About

Top 15 Web3 FPS Games and Shooters You Need to Know About
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Explore the thrilling world of FPS and shooter games revolutionized by blockchain technology

Dive into the universe of shooter web3 games, where the adrenaline of first and third-person shooters meets the innovation of blockchain technology. As we journey through the landscape of gaming dapps, we uncover a realm where players are not just participants but also stakeholders. In this curated list, we spotlight the top FPS and shooter games that are making waves in the web3 space, whether they are already available for play or are gearing up for launch in the near future.


Top blockchain-based shooter games to watch

Shooter games are carving out their own unique space in Web3, blending innovation and excitement to players worldwide. The games listed below showcase the incredible potential of combining FPS gameplay with blockchain technology.

Some of these games are already available for players to jump in and experience, while others are still in development, with promising features and gameplay mechanics on the horizon. Without further ado, here are the 10 first-person shooter blockchain games you must watch – in no particular order.


Shrapnel introduces a new era of AAA extraction shooters, boasting intense competition and a riveting gameplay experience. Set in a near-future world transformed by a mysterious substance, players are tasked with claiming their stake and navigating a world teetering on the brink. The game is being developed by a team of BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning talent and utilizes the powerful Unreal Engine 5 to deliver a visually stunning and immersive experience. 

Shrapnel Gameplay

Shrapnel is scheduled for a full launch on PC in 2024, but eager players can get an early taste of the action with early access available in 2023. The game integrates blockchain technology, utilizing Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche, and features NFTs and its own SHRP token, adding a layer of economic strategy to the gameplay. With its high-stakes gameplay and innovative use of blockchain, Shrapnel is a game to watch for any FPS enthusiast.

How to Play, Win & Earn in Shrapnel


Step into the world of Deadrop, a vertical extraction shooter that’s been turning heads in the gaming community, especially with the involvement of Dr. Disrespect and his AAA game studio Midnight Society. With pre-alpha play tests occurring every three months, players have the opportunity to get involved early and help shape the development of this promising title.

Snapshot VI Deadrop Squads

Deadrop promises a dynamic and immersive gaming experience, and although its full release date is still under wraps, expectations are high for a late 2023 or 2024 launch. With Dr. Disrespect’s significant online presence and gaming expertise, Deadrop is poised to be a standout title in the blockchain FPS genre.

Inside Deadrop: Dr. Disrespect’s Upcoming NFT Game

Last Expedition

Gala Games is on the verge of delivering an exhilarating squad-based extraction FPS experience with Last Expedition. Set on the alien planet Aura, players will engage in intense PvPvE battles, seeking to recover alien artifacts while facing threats from both other players and computer-controlled enemies. The game emphasizes true asset ownership, allowing players to take control of their characters, weapons, and items, adding an additional layer of strategy and reward to the gameplay.

Last Expedition shooter game

Now live in Early Access to anyone with an Early Access Token, Last Expedition offers players the chance to dive into a hostile yet thrilling alien world and stake their claim. You can download and play it through Epic Games Store and get access by buying the Hunter’s Early Access Token on the Gala Games store.

How to Play and Win: Last Expedition


GRIT brings a fresh and innovative twist to the shooter genre, seamlessly integrating blockchain technology to enhance the gaming experience. Set in a world where the Wild West meets the digital age, players will engage in intense gunfights, strategize with teammates, and navigate a rugged terrain, all while earning rewards and building their in-game assets.

Play Shooter Web3 Game GRIT

With its unique setting, GRIT offers a distinct gameplay experience that stands out from other titles in the genre. It’s definitely a title worth keeping an eye on, especially because you can already download and play it for free on the Epic Games Store.

How to Play, Win and Earn in Cowboy Battle Royale Game GRIT

Outpost by AlterVerse

Embark on a space-faring adventure with Outpost, the next installment in the AlterVerse ecosystem. Designed with both the esports market and sci-fi enthusiasts in mind, Outpost introduces both third and first-person shooter modes to the metaverse, promising a gaming experience that appeals to fans of franchises like Star Wars and Space Invaders.

Outpost Shooter Blockchain Game

Following the success of SkyCity, the first flagship game in the AlterVerse series, Outpost is set to launch in 2023, offering players a new realm to explore and compete in. With its futuristic setting and integration of blockchain technology, Outpost stands as a promising addition to the blockchain FPS genre.

What is AlterVerse? All About The Game Creation Ecosystem


WEB3WAR emerges as a competitive shooter powerhouse, delivering an AAA-level gaming experience on the Zilliqa blockchain. Developed with hardcore gamers in mind, the game offers a full-crossplay experience, ensuring players can compete regardless of platform.

zilliqa web3war

With its precise controls, stunning visuals, and diverse range of equipment and maps, WEB3WAR stands as a testament to the potential of blockchain FPS games. Whether you’re a fan of classic shooters like Call of Duty and CS: GO or looking to explore the latest innovations in blockchain gaming, WEB3WAR offers a thrilling and rewarding experience that is not to be missed.

What Is WEB3WAR: An FPS on Zilliqa Targeting Hardcore Gamers


Get ready for a groundbreaking gaming experience with Arsenal 2.0, a 3D FPS multiplayer game set to redefine the blockchain gaming landscape. Launching on 3 November 2023, Arsenal offers players a unique blend of intense gunplay, strategic gameplay, and blockchain integration.

Arsenal 2.0 Crypto Play and Earn Game

With a variety of game modes, weapon NFTs, and a wide array of maps catering to different playstyles, Arsenal ensures that every player, from casual to competitive, finds their place on the battleground. As part of the Fabwelt Gaming Ecosystem and Metaverse, Arsenal stands as a cornerstone title, promising a gaming experience that is as innovative as it is engaging.


MetaStrike is a BNB chain blockchain-based role-play shooting game with partnerships with industry giants like Ubisoft and Square Enix. Players can collect and equip a variety of weapons, upgrade their levels, and complete missions to earn NFTs and tokens – and even steal them from other players. The game features a unique gun collection system and allows players to build their own maps and engage in intense battles. 

MetaStrike NFT shooter game

It also provides players with the tools to build their own game modes on top of the platform, with a comprehensive editor that includes a wide range of features essential for modern multiplayer FPS games. The game is gearing up for its Mainnet launch in Q4 2023, with the first Character NFT release expected in Q2 2024, and the Mobile Version Mainnet Launch slated for Q4 2024.

The Killbox Game

The Killbox Game features a tradable NFT weapon system and allows players to assemble elite squads for intense combat. Initially built on BNB Chain, The Killbox migrated to Polygon in 2022, further enhancing its gaming experience. Available on PC Steam, and mobile Android and iOS, The Killbox offers a real-time P2E PVP FPS experience, with options for both team and solo play. Guild leaders can even earn commissions on their guilds’ rewards.

The Killbox Game announcement of launching a web3 version

With weekly challenges, ranking matches, and a lottery system for crypto prizes, players have numerous opportunities to earn rewards. The game boasts a 360-degree arena combat experience, complete with VR capabilities and various modes like sniper and DM mode. In The Killbox, players can collect chests to obtain different levels of NFT Weapons and equipment, each with unique attributes to generate KBOX tokens. Players can also synthesize weapons for better attributes.

Off The Grid

Off The Grid, developed by Gunzilla Games, is a third-person shooter Battle Royale game set in a dystopian cyberpunk future. Slated for release in 2023, the game aims to achieve AAA quality with a strong narrative and player-centric dynamics.

Off The Grid Game

Unique to Off The Grid is its availability on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, expanding the reach of web3 gaming. The game’s blockchain-based digital economy platform, GUNZ, is built on an Avalanche Subnet, providing a secure and innovative environment for players. Off The Grid is set to evolve the Battle Royale genre, emphasizing narrative progression and player freedom, backed by the support and expertise of Ava Labs.


BR1 INFINITE introduces a new paradigm in shooter gaming with its ‘Pay to Spawn’ / ‘Kill to Earn’ mechanics. This free-to-play game offers various Risk Modes, allowing players to choose their level of engagement and potential rewards. From the risk-free Free-for-All mode to the more lucrative $0.10 and $1.00 game modes, BR1 INFINITE caters to all types of players.

BR1 INFINITE Operative Game

The game operates in the INFINITE server environment, offering continuous action and the opportunity to earn real money rewards for every player eliminated. With no defined start or finish, players can join and leave the game at their discretion. The game has garnered positive feedback from the gaming community, especially following its latest update in October 2023.

Undead Blocks

Next on our list is Undead Blocks. This a first-person zombie shooter game that capitalizes on the web3 gaming trend, allowing players to earn tokens and own in-game items through blockchain technology. Players can team up to fight off zombie waves, utilizing Weapon Loadout NFTs to enhance their rewards.

Undead Blocks Game Shooter Mobile

The game features daily rewards, weekly challenges, and a leaderboard system and is built on the Ethereum blockchain and developed by Wagyu Games Studio. With full controller support, a mobile browser version, and apps available on iOS and Google Play, Undead Blocks offers a comprehensive and engaging gaming experience.

How to Play and Win: Undead Blocks

Mini Royale: Nations

Mini Royale: Nations brings an open economy first-person shooter experience to the Solana blockchain. Players can engage in PvP battles, collect Heroes and Weapons through the Battle Pass, and participate in weekly Clan Wars for rewards. The game features innovative blockchain integrations such as on-chain leaderboards and player payouts, as well as NFT ownership trees and deflationary game loops.

Solana Shooting game Mini Royale Nations

Developed by Faraway, a studio founded by industry veterans, Mini Royale: Nations is a browser-based FPS + social strategy game that provides a unique blend of gaming experiences. Currently available on desktop browsers, the game offers a fresh take on blockchain gaming and open economy features.

The Forge: Arena

The Forge: Arena is a free-to-play, fast-paced FPS game that has been integrating blockchain technology since 2017. Developed by Newgen Labs on the WAX blockchain, The Forge Arena introduces the concept of true digital ownership for in-game weapon skins. The game offers a unique user-powered and user-owned experience, connecting multiple games in a seamless manner.

The Forge Arena FPS blockchain gaming

Currently in its Alpha 0.2 phase, The Forge Arena continues to evolve and update, providing players with a fresh and innovative FPS experience. The game can be downloaded and played through its official website, offering an early access experience.

Road to Genesis by Oxya Origin

Road to Genesis introduces a captivating free-to-play experience to the Oxya Origin open-world ecosystem, inviting players to immerse themselves in a richly crafted universe filled with action, exploration, and narrative depth. Developed using Unreal Engine 5.2 and benefiting from an incubation period at Ubisoft, the game promises a high-quality gaming adventure.

Road to Genesis by Oxya Origin

In Road to Genesis, players can engage in thrilling shooter, strategy, and exploration gameplay, battling foes, uncovering secrets, and collecting valuable loot across various game modes, including challenging rogue dungeons. As part of the Oxya Origin universe, the game is set in a dystopian galaxy where a player-owned asset economy reigns supreme, ensuring a seamless and immersive experience. Currently, gamers have the opportunity to register for Beta access and acquire unique in-game avatar NFTs, which will play a pivotal role in their journey through this story-driven and engaging virtual world.

Traditional vs. blockchain-based FPS games

The FPS experience in Web3 games introduces several unique dimensions when compared to traditional FPS games, such as in-game asset ownership, financial rewards from playing, involvement of the gaming community in the development of the project, etc.

Overall, while the core gameplay mechanics of shooting, strategy, and coordination might remain similar, the integration of blockchain in Web3 FPS games introduces a new layer of complexity that might change the way we interact with games forever.

How to discover web3 games to play and earn?

DappRadar is the go-to platform to explore and find play-to-earn Web3 games, offering a user-friendly interface and a wealth of information on decentralized applications.

It showcases various games, complete with reviews and analytics, helping users make informed choices based on their preferences and potential earnings. Check out the Top Games Ranking to discover what’s trending now.

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